I love my Knomad mini, as is apparent from this post. It’s incredibly handy for traveling, keeping my passport and iPad safe and looks good too. Too good, perhaps… Since that last post, my Knomad collection has grown, worryingly. I now have a black leather Knomad built for an iPad Air, the same model in […]

I’m working away from home all this week and, in an effort to pack as light as possible, I stripped back on the tech and Filofaxes, simply taking an iPad mini, an A5 Moleskine notebook and the Filofax Pennybridge iPad Mini case. The latter neatly holds the iPad in a flexible shell, while also holding an […]

The lovely chaps at Filofax sent me a new organiser to test drive. So, after using it for a couple of weeks, I’m sharing my thoughts on it. But in case you don’t make it to the end of the post, my ultimate verdict is: I like it a lot and would recommend it. I got […]

While out at Ryman’s stocking up on home office supplies, I stumbled across this little beauty. It’s a combined Filorax / iPad Air case and I snapped it up immediately. (My 20% off coupon, courtesy of @FrankDJS, made this decision a lot easier). It takes A5 Filofax paper and accessories, which fit into a completely […]

So I fly to Japan this Saturday. And I simply can’t wait. I don’t want to miss out on a single thing, but I just can’t trust my memory to remember every detail. No news there! As always, I’m using Kayak to store my flight details and automatically add them to my iCloud calendars on […]

I picked up a 2015 year planner for my Filofax while in Selfridges yesterday. I’ve been working on some big, long-term projects (more on that in a few months) lately, and I’ve noticed that looking at the year on a single sheet of paper is actually more helpful than on screen. Even the 21″ screen […]

I’ve flitted and hopped from one paper-based note-taking solution to another over the last few years. I love Moleskine notebooks due to their quality. But removing pages for scanning or sharing is a pain. Plus, they’re pricey.

On a similar note, I love Filofaxes due to their flexibility and how I can personalise the set-up and content. But they can get quite heavy – especially the A5 models – making them less than portable. And they’re pricey.

Ideally, I like to rely on one system for those times when paper is the optimal solution. When typing straight into Evernote would be disruptive…or impossible.

Without wanting to jinx myself, I think I might have arrived at a solution.

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Quite obviously, the downside of user a specific-sized paper in a paper planner (i.e. Filofax) is that you can run out of said paper. Since returning to the A5 fold and using my A5 Original for work purposes, I’ve been tearing through my supply of A5 Filofax paper. As part of my job, I take […]

Great excitement in this household at the launch of not one, but two new iPads recently. I was surprised by the iPad Air, though it looks gorgeous. A lighter and much faster version of the iPad 3, it’s quite desirable. For me, the main focus was the new iPad Mini with Retina Display – despite […]