Might I suggest that job security might be on the minds of ‘Religious Education’ teachers calling for even more religious teaching in schools? Developing young people’s “religious literacy” would help to make them less vulnerable to radicalisation, a conference will hear later. “Good religious education has never been more needed,” Ed Pawson, chairman of the […]

‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Upsets Hindu Group. A Hindu group has called on ABC to apologize following an episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that suggested the god Vishnu, like the hero Thor, might be an alien. In the Nov. 19 episode, which tied into the events of Thor: The Dark World, Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and hacker […]

I came across some pretty slipshod and childish arguments from Tanya Gold in The Guardian this morning. And the article has (predictably) unleashed a torrent of comments as a result – not all of them logical or even coherent. But that’s the internet for you. It was enough to prompt me to write about it here, […]

In an episode worthy of the best Monty Python sketch, a group calling itself “Protect the Pope” has intimidated Pret a Manger so much that they’ve withdrawn a range of crisps for sale. Funnily enough, I thought I was living in a democracy in the UK, not some form of medieval theocracy. Courtesy of The […]

I’m sorry to say even the BBC jumped on the bandwagon today and trumpeted “British Airways   discriminated against Christian”. To me, it demonstrates that they – and most other media outlets – missed the main lesson shared in Strasbourg today – it’s not acceptable to use your own religious belief as an excuse for […]

Yet another example of a service provider’s “religious beliefs” and “conscience” preventing them from providing a key healthcare requirement to a member of the public. The 29 year old woman was reportedly “stunned” and “gobsmacked” when she asked for the pill (for which she had a prescription) and was told that she would have to go to […]

I almost didn’t go to the National Secular Society‘s 2011 Conference on Secularism. But I am so glad I did. A nasty bout of insomnia meant I wasn’t at my best first thing yesterday morning. I had to peel myself out of a comfortable bed to race over to Holborn in record time. Amazingly, I was only […]

The scandal of clerical child abuse in Ireland has shown the Catholic Church up for what it really is – a self-serving organisation that views its own laws and members as being above the laws of the countries in which it operates. The fact that bishops, archbishops and cardinals actively hid instances of child abuse from the authorities in Ireland for most of the 20th Century, moving paedophiles from parish to parish illustrates the contempt they have for civil law and the wellbeing of the children in their care. The reputation of the Catholic church was their prime concern, canon law taking precedence over the law of the State.

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I had to remind myself what year it was the other day. I’m not losing my mental faculties, but was slightly worried that I’d either been plunged back into the dark ages or had somehow missed some sort of fundamentalist religious coup. Why? Well, it would appear that one Cherie Blair was taking religious belief […]