The relative paucity of posts on this blog of late can be explained by my present status: on holidays. I’ve just spent an enjoyable few days wandering around Madrid (again) and am now in Mallorca. Madrid was, as ever, glorious. It’s a beautiful city, with so much to see and do. But this was our […]

So I survived. I swam 750m in the Thames, cycled 20k and then ran a further 5k and survived. To be honest, half way through the swim I thought I was a gonner. Not nearly enough swim training and a nasty case of cramp in my right calf left me experiencing an unwelcome combination of […]

…until I have to complete the London Triathlon. I haven’t mentioned this dreaded event on the blog yet as I’m still slightly in shock at the fact I signed up for it in the first place. My motivation? A typically male combination of pig-headedness, denial and a third drive which I refer to as “I’ll […]