A week ago today, I ran the London Marathon for the second time. My first race, in 2013, was ever so slightly ruined by being tripped up after the half-way point. I managed to finish (in 4 hours 51 mins) with a right knee swollen to the size of a large grapefruit. As a result, […]

I flew back from Scotland yesterday morning, having spent a few days absorbing calories from the very air around me. It was a typical post-Xmas scenario: in just the three days spent in Scotland, it was meal after meal, battling the Scottish cold and damp and eating more to feel better. This included meals out, […]

Like some sort of crazy person, I went for a run on Christmas morning. To add to the madness, I ran 11.6km across unfamiliar Dutch countryside. Thank jeebus for GPS and Google Maps is all I can say. Getting a last minute entry to the 2015 London Marathon has shocked me into action. That and […]

As per my last post, I’m working towards a big goal: completing the 2015 London Marathon on April 26th. Not to be taken lightly. After my last marathon experience, I’m looking simply to finish injury-free and faster than my first time of 4:51. Not too much of a stretch, hopefully. I’d love to get in […]

Wow. I had all but given up on the idea of running a marathon in 2015, when I got the call. One of the very nice people over at Epilepsy Action got in touch this afternoon to ask me if I wanted to have one of their charity places for next year’s London Marathon. I said […]

Right. No more messing about. I’m running this October’s Royal Park’s half-marathon in aid of Epilepsy Action. Regular readers of my blog will know I’ve lived with this condition for years and have found the support from Epilepsy Action invaluable. I ran the 2013 London Marathon for them, but in the process sustained a nasty […]

I may well be… I’ve just entered the ballot for places in the 2014 London Marathon! I know I had a really tough time of it at this year’s event, but I’m confident I could shave at least 30mins off my time next year. (If I can avoid getting tripped up and injured again!) I […]