So, yesterday was National Coming Out Day. I had intended to write something about it on the day itself, but found myself collapsed in a heap due to workload and tiredness, crawling into my bed for some respite from the world. I exaggerate, but you get the picture. So, one day late, I’m here to […]

Today’s carnage in a gay club in Orlando has left me shaken. Obviously, I was safe and sound here in London, nowhere near to the scene of the massacre. It’s just served to remind me of the prevalence of homophobia and it’s roots in deeply illogical thought. Let me put it another way: your hatred […]

An appalling story reported by Attitude – refugees from the Middle East who have ended up in Amsterdam have been threatened and attacked… by other refugees. Just because they’re gay. After being spat on, threatened and attacked by others in their refugee centre, Dutch News reports five gay men – three from Syria, one from Iran and […]

Yesterday was London Pride 2015 and the weather gods smiled upon us all – sunshine and warm weather al day long. It couldn’t have been any better! (So much for the gays causing floods and other natural disasters…) We watched the parade on Regent Street and it was great to see such a diversity of […]

So Ireland’s Minister for Health came out on the radio this morning. The government didn’t collapse. The country didn’t sink into the Atlantic and the people didn’t take to the streets with pitchforks. Leo Varadkar is gay, end of story. While I occasionally comment on the sexual orientation of people in the public eye, I […]

I was looking forward to seeing this for quite some time – and it didn’t disappoint. The Imitation Game was utterly fantastic. It was engaging, moving, engrossing and thrilling all in one beautifully-filmed package. Yes, there was a lot of detail skipped over – but to be fair, they were taking in Turing’s life from his childhood […]

Austria’s win at last night’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen was basically assured as soon as their act walked off the stage. Conchita Wurst delivered a confident, assured and spectacular performance of “Rise like a Phoenix” and votes came pouring in from across Europe as a result. Conchita won due to a great song and […]

I just watched this video. And you should too. Yes, there’s a very local Dublin story that sits behind this speech. But it’s also a universal story. A story about every gay man and woman who has wondered what it is – what precisely it is – about them that bigots hate. I could be flippant and make […]

I really don’t know where to start with this story  I said many months ago that the best thing about the UKIP party getting more press exposure would be their inevitable public implosion once more of their members got to be heard. Here (after the ridiculous buffoon Godfrey Bloom) is another example: A UKIP Councillor blaming the […]