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Regent’s run

We popped out on the Bromptons again yesterday, this time heading up the Regent's Canal as far as Victoria Park and back. Victoria Park was mobbed with other cyclists, runners, walkers and random toddlers who seemed determined to walk in front of someone. And there were the dogs! Victoria Park is beautiful, but as soon ...


A lovely Brompton ride for two

We took our Bromptons out for a quick spin yesterday afternoon. Only from Canary Wharf to St. Katherine Docks, but it was great to get outside (in advance of an evening in front of the TV) and enjoy a brief sunny interlude while enjoying a drink at Starbucks. The only challenge? Dealing with the cobblestones ...


A Brompton change of plan

Unbelievably, my second order of an orange Brompton M3L was cancelled by the store, this time one in Wales. I was about to give up when @FrankDJS and I went for a look in a local bike shop and saw an absolutely gorgeous M6L in navy blue. I fell in love with the colour immediately, but felt ...


New bike headache

So I ordered a new bike some time ago, but it's taken until today for Evans Cycles to let me know that they can't actually fulfil the order. Despite having taken my money on May 1st, they don't actually have an Orange Brompton M3L and won't be getting any more in. They made a half-hearted ...


Awaiting this little beauty

I bought myself a new Brompton last weekend and I'm really impatient for its arrival! We're conducting a bit of an internal 'shuffle' of bikes here at Casa MacPsych, with @FrankDJS getting my black M3L and me getting a new model, this time in an utterly gorgeous shade of orange. I opted for classic black ...


Want! Want so much!! Okay, so it's not a Brompton, but for fair-weather cyclists like me, this looks fantastic. I have to wonder how heavy it is, but all the same, such a great idea. Mind you, would I last five minutes on London's streets with this? Probably not. Sadly.


What a fantastic idea!

Spotted this on my way into Warrington Bank Quay station this evening (I live the high life, right?): A dock where you can rent a Brompton It says "£2.50 a day", which sounds like an absolute bargain to me! Not sure how popular it is or how widely used in the local area - but ...


Bromptoning by the river

Just in from a lovely potter about on the Brompton. According to the data on @FrankDJS' Apple Watch, we covered 11.72 miles in about 1 hour, 49 mins. So, not exactly racing about! We left Canary Wharf and headed to Limehouse, then north along Regent's Canal. There was a real buzz along the canal, with ...


A canal adventure

I gave the Brompton an airing today. I didn't want to run two days in a row, but did want to get outside. So @FrankDJS and I (he on his Boris Bike) cycled from Canary Wharf through Limehouse and up Regent's Canal. I have to admit that in nearly ten years of living in Wapping ...