A Dunfermline morning dash

I’m in Scotland right now, visiting my mum. She lives in Dunfermline and, for the first time since she moved into her new place a few months back, I went for a run in the neighbourhood.

Despite the cold (it was -2 when I left the house) the sun was shining and the sky was blue. Utterly glorious. I wanted to get 10km in the bag this morning, as I’ve skipped a few morning runs lately due to my hectic work schedule.

I ran towards town, past quite a bit of countryside and beautiful views towards the Firth of Forth. On a clear day like today, you can see the Forth bridge from the living room! I made it as far as the local park and did a loop before returning home to a hot shower.

It was enjoyable and a lot more invigorating than my morning 5km at home. For one, there was the cold to deal with. And that was despite having long sleeves, running tights and gloves.

But also, it was a new route, so I was really paying attention to my run. Finally, the ice everywhere made me really cautious. The last thing I wanted was a twisted ankle the morning after arriving here!

I’m looking forward to repeating it tomorrow, and to see if I can shave a minute or two off the time, now that I know where I’m going.

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