Poor quality life choices are my speciality

I’ve been battling a head cold all week. It’s been slowly advancing on my brain, increasing its grip on my nose and throat, day by day.

So what I really needed last night was an early night and to stay nice and warm.

I, being an intellectual, of course opted to go to a business networking dinner and end my evening with a bracing walk along Albert Embankment to get the tube home.

I’ve therefore woken up with a sore throat, headache, streaming sinuses and a chest that feels like someone’s been sitting on it all night. So I hate past me with a vengeance.

Now it’s time to leave the warmth of my super-cost apartment and head out for a day of coaching and meetings, where I can only hope that my voice holds up.

Adulting is tricky sometimes.

The dinner was superb though, and I was well fed and entertained. The chats, food and drinks distracted me from my cold and so I felt invincible by the time I walked out of the hotel and into London’s freezing night.

I obviously felt a lot less invincible when I got home and realised that I’d probably made a mistake by spending so much time outside.

Ho hum. This evening will be all about the Netflix and the hot drinks.

(Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

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