Made it through the day

After a fairly rough start, I made it through today. Just. I spent the afternoon sneezing, sniffling and shivering.

I kept it together with the assistance of cold and flu tablets and copious volumes of hot, liquid caffeine.

What made things slightly were was the fact that more than half the people I had meetings with today were also all kinds of ill.

All I could think of was the germs I was inevitably inhaling as we sat opposite each other.

A last-minute cancellation late in the day was an absolute godsend and I made it back home by 4:30pm. I’ve spent the intervening hours on the sofa, watching The Crown (which is bloody excellent and they all deserve multiple awards!) and feeling sorry for myself.

Then I felt sorry for Prince Charles, which was when I knew it was time to get some more sleep. I’m actually feeling better now than I did this morning, so I’m hoping to feel even better again by the time I wake up. I’ve been in bed since about 8pm, and think I’ll be asleep within minutes.

Here’s to my immune system! And the healing properties of sleep.

(Photo by Alexander Possingham on Unsplash)

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