AirPods Pro: They’re here to stay

I’m a few weeks and experiences into my use of Apple’s new AirPods Pro and I can say without hesitation that they’re a keeper!

Since getting them, I’ve worn them while out running, while at the gym, on a couple of flights and while walking through central London. The sound quality is top notch, even when on a plane, and they are the most comfortable in-ear ‘phones I’ve ever worn.

Even on flights?!

They definitely don’t exclude all noise like my massive Bose earphones, but nor are they so bulky! For something so small to carry so much audio punch is a bit of a tech miracle. I’m sold, in case you were wondering.

I really noticed the quality when on flights to and from Dublin last week. I could easily listen to podcasts and music at a reasonable volume. With the old AirPods, I had to both force them into my ears, to create some kind of seal, and then crank the volume right up. With these? I just pop them in and forget I’m on a plane.

Worth the upgrade?

If you’re still wondering, the comparison between AirPods Pro and the previous model is like night and day. Plus, the battery is great – I’ve yet to run out of juice while using them. And I just drop them on one of the fast wireless chargers I have at home or in the office to top things up between uses.

Yes, they’re hellish expensive, but I always fall back on the cost-per-use. I have them almost permanently in my ears for calls at work, for commuting and while exercising. And @TheFrankFlyer managed to successfully offload my Beats earphones on eBay, taking some of the sting out of the price.

They really reflect Apple’s adage of ‘It just works’. It’s a shame everything they’re producing at the moment doesn’t follow the same principles.

Yeah, I’m looking at you, buggy iOS13…

2 comments on “AirPods Pro: They’re here to stay

  1. ethnicolor

    Agree with all, and I’ve just learned a wonderful trick that makes them easier to take out; while they’re in the case, simply press them from the back using your index finger and they rock forwards to your waiting thumb. Trying to ‘pluck’ them out vertically is very fiddly!

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