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A Baltic chill

I confess to avoiding my morning run before work, solely due to the fact it was just so cold. Instead, I walked into my office, wearing multiple layers of wool!

Winter is most definitely here in London and this morning’s walking commute into the City was proof that gloves and a hat were a necessity. The contrast between the inside of our apartment building and the Thames path outside couldn’t have been starker. The wind that blew through me as I stepped out this morning took my breath away.

It was only a few weeks ago that I was packing away my summer clothes and a just few weeks before that, I was lolling about naked in the Spanish sun. It now seems like a lifetime ago and I would most definitely end up in hospital with all kinds of frostbite if I lolled naked anywhere in London right now.

Winter really isn’t kind to naturists.

Looking through various beach photos from Sitges and Barcelona, I feel like it was a lifetime ago that I was walking along the shore and breathing in sunshine and warmth.

Our apartment building is now hot and toasty, as the communal heating was switched on a couple of weeks ago. We can now control our radiators with Alexa (thanks to @TheFrankFlyer) and there’s nothing nicer than to be able to switch them on via the Hive app while I’m on my way home from the office. I’m guaranteed to arrive home to a warm home, rather than frantically dashing from room to room turning radiator valves and waiting for things to warm up.

It’s not really the cold that I mind, actually, despite the above complaints! It’s the dark. And the wet. This morning’s walk really put a spring in my step. Yes, it was cold, but I was layered up and had a great podcast in my ears. The sun was also shining and I felt like I’d done something useful for my wellbeing by briskly getting in a 6km walk before work.

Last week, however, the lashing rain and freezing wind prevented me from heading out for the evening. I’m afraid to say I bailed on a trip to the cinema, preferring to curl up on the sofa and cling to the radiator. Despite my Irish birth, I’m really not built for this kind of weather. I’m rarely too hot and can accommodate surprisingly high temperatures and lengthy durations in the sun.

The various holiday snaps from my travels on this blog are evidence of this, I think!

Yet, here we are. In London. With its crappy winter weather. I’ll hunker down in my warm home and wait for Spring to make an appearance in the new year. I’ll not dwell on the fact that it’ll be quite a while before I can do any sun-bathing and focus on any opportunities to feel winter sun on my face.

Now that I’ve finally de-frosted, I can change into my winter home uniform: sweatpants and an old hoodie. Time to curl up and think thoughts of the beach.

(Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash)

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