I’m a solar-charged runner

I’m just back from running 10.5km around London and still beaming from ear to ear. It’s the perfect morning for a run, so I had to take advantage before London’s unstable weather caught me out.

With blue skies, sunshine, absolutely no wind – it couldn’t have been more of a contrast with yesterday’s blustery rainfest.

I normally feel great once I’m completed a run – the ‘runners’ high’ and all that – but I actually enjoyed every step of the route this time. I absolutely adore running in the sunshine. I almost feel lighter and more agile as I make my way around the streets.


Perhaps I’m actually solar-charged? Maybe that’s why I can’t get out from under my duvet for most of December and January! Whatever the reason, it certainly seems to have helped. Strava tells me I ran my third fastest 10km this morning.

The streets were busy with other likeminded runners, even this early on a Sunday morning. But it’s obviously the best time to get out at the weekend. Now for a coffee, a shower and some errands here in Canary Wharf. Hopefully we’ll squeeze in a walk in the sunshine later, too.

You have to grab days like this with both hands and squeeze every last minute out of them.

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