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A quick AirPods Pro update

If – like me – you’re short on time this Friday afternoon, I’ll cut to the chase: the new AirPods Pro from Apple are a revelation.

Infinitely more comfortable than their predecessors, they provide significantly better sound and the noise cancelling functionality will make you gasp the first time you try it in public.

So far, I’ve use the Pods on the Tube, the DLR, in the gym and while lying down. Firstly, not even a hint of them falling out of my magnificently odd-shaped ears. Secondly, after moments, I actually forgot I had anything in my ears to begin with. Thirdly, the sound quality means I’ve turned down the volume, which is surely good for my hearing.

I’ve listened to music, to audio books to the podcasts and the quality of what I’m hearing is light years beyond what the old AirPods provided. The fact hat they sit snugly in my lugs and actually form a seal, means there’s less noise pollution and I can notice elements of what I’m listening to that background noise would previously have decimated.

I’ve yet to run with them outdoors, but I have used them in the gym on a treadmill. No worry about them flying out, no matter how hard I pounded my feet.

I’ll report back after a few runs to see how they fare, but at this point, I’m very optimistic.

The case is a little bigger than the previous model, but it’s not worth mentioning really. Still very light and extremely pocketable. All in all, I’m delighted with this purchase.

Interested? Let me know if you have any questions!

2 comments on “A quick AirPods Pro update

  1. ethnicolor

    Bit late for questions, as I’ve jumped right in there… mine should be arriving early next week. AirPods are, to me, Apple’s most recent application of their “just works” philosophy, and also the most recent product that “delights”. I love them, and the addition of noise-cancelling is a no-brainer for me. One question; can ear-pods really achieve good noise-cancelling? I always thought that over-the-ear style would excel here, as so much of what we hear doe snot come via the ear canal.


    • Congrats on your purchase – I’m sure you’ll like them! In terms of noise-cancelling, they’re definitely not in the league of Bose over-ear headphones, that’s for sure. But they are a very. very noticeable improvement over any in-ear phones I’ve used over the years ad light-years ahead of previous AirPods models – which seemed to leak sound both ways. I used them in the gym this morning and, while I could still hear the thumping bass coming from the spin class in the next room, I cold perfectly hear the dialogue and music on the Netflix show I was watching on my phone…while I slaved away on the cross-trainer 😂

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