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There’s a definite chill in the air

We’re almost at the end of October, so I shouldn’t be complaining, but I’ve noticed London’s weather take a real turn for the chilly these past few days.

I’ve already unpacked and organised all my winter clothes, while sadly simultaneously packing away all the summer stuff. So I have all the layers and warmth I need. I’m just not in the habit of wearing them yet!

(Not in the naturist sense, but in the ‘you’re not really wearing enough layers to keep warm’ sense…)

It’s particularly noticeable first thing in the morning, when I leave the apartment. And for the last few days, the chill has taken my breath away! Some quick strides towards my local public transport have helped warm me up though.

The flip side is that offices all over London have cranked up their heating to unbearable levels, so I move from street-level tundra to a tropical paradise with just a few steps. So when I go to visit clients, I invariably turn into a sweaty mess before I’ve even navigated reception. The real skill here is being able to de-layer while moving, reducing my clothing to office-appropriate essentials without looking too flustered.

I’ve yet to master it.

London’s public transport is obviously too hot and I watch approaching DLR trains come towards me with steamed-up windows, full to the brim of people wearing heavy winter coats, perspiring like they’re about to sneak across a secure border. And for those of us wearing glasses, you have the additional annoyance of fogged-up lenses and momentary blindness while you adjust.

It’s uncomfortable, to say the least.

I spent some time at the weekend organising photos from this summer’s breaks in the sun, which made the contrast all the more obvious. Looking out at wind and sideways rain, looking down at my iPad to see my own smiling face peering back from a sunny beach or a lounger or a hotel balcony. Well, you get the picture.

And yet…

Without the winter weather, spring doesn’t feel so welcome and such a relief. Without the move from sunshine to cloudy skies, I’ve less to appreciate when summer comes round again. I’ve often wondered how I’d cope in a warmer, sunnier climate. I’d probably get absolutely no work done and spend too much time sunbathing and lounging around naked.

So, while it’s annoying to have to bundle up and brace myself before heading outside, and while the rain is an absolute mood-killer, and early dark evenings make me just want to go to bed, I still have memories of summer 2019 and plans for summer 2020 to look forward to.

And as we’ve got our own central heating on at home – now controlled remotely via apps or Alexa!! – the apartment is deliciously warm when we get back from work. Perfect for stripping off the bulky winter gear and pretending I’m back on the beach.

(Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash)

3 comments on “There’s a definite chill in the air

  1. Look ahead to Christmas 😀 We may have even colder wetter weather ahead of us, but we’re also due the colourful season of childhood magic 😊

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