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Siri, remind me to use ToDoist instead…

When iOS 13 introduced an all-new, all-singing and dancing Reminders App, I decided to give it a try. I started to use it for all my non-work tasks. That experiment has come to an end.

The title of this post might just indicate how things panned out.

The upgrade to Reminders was significant, there’s no doubt about it. Yet, with all the additional functionality and design improvements, it’s still a reminders app. It’s not a fully-fledged task management app, at least not in my opinion.

So after a few weeks of regularly dictating reminders to Siri and have these show up perfectly in the app, I noticed that I was hitting the buffers when it came to what Reminders can do for me.

It’s still missing the ability to give tasks labels or tags. In other apps (e.g. ToDoist) the allows you to sort tasks by context (e.g. location, people involved etc). And because I set up multiple task lists, to replicate the various areas of my life, the interface quickly got overwhelming.

Prioritisation is also still pretty basic, and the interface simply adds a few red exclamation points in front of the tasks. To me, this just muddies the interface and I prefer how other apps (e.g. ToDoist) colour-code the tasks depending on the priority you’ve assigned them.

So, while I gave it a good shot, I got frustrated managing my life out of two task apps and didn’t feel I could manage my complex work projects using Reminders. It wasn’t too much of a jolt to move back to ToDoist. In fact, it felt a little like sitting back into a comfortable and familiar chair.

Reminders is still on all my devices as, from time to time, it’s easy to ask Siri to remind me of something I need to do within the next hour or so. But I don’t actively type in reminders and manage it as I do ToDoist.

For anyone who spent their time remembering things with their (fallible) mind, Reminders represents a real step up. But if you’re used to a more mature task management app, it’s just too simple and limiting.

4 comments on “Siri, remind me to use ToDoist instead…

  1. ethnicolor

    Yep – it’s a nice list-maker, and there’s scope for future development, but that’s about it for now!

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    • For some reason, I’ve never taken to Todoist. Instead, I’ve been with Informant (previously Pocket Informant) for several years. I like the fact it’s a combined planner/ contacts/ notes and projects/to-do app, all in one. Works for me!

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