My favourite place

I’m sitting in my armchair, sunshine streaming through the glass doors to my right, feet up and a coffee by my side.

I’ve just run 11km around the streets of London, loving the combination of cold air and blue skies. The pavements were jammed with other runners and the mood was very positive – a very pleasant change from yesterday’s wind and almost constant downpours.


It was my first run since the Royal Parks Half and it felt good. Based on how much I enjoyed that race, I’ve already signed up for my next half: the Vitality Half in London next March.

I’m enjoying the moments between my run and getting stuck into the day. Before I get dressed and work through a list of errands. I can relax here, listen to a podcast and soak up some of this fleeting sunshine.

I’ve finally cooled down a little, bunged my running kit into the washing machine and made my final coffee of the day. Next is a shower, some much-needed manscaping (TMI?), and sitting down in my study to prepare for the working week ahead.

But before it all kicks off, a few moments of peace and quiet and sunshine.

2 comments on “My favourite place

  1. I can literally *see* the comfort oozing out of your photo😂

    Liked by 1 person

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