Epilepsy Half-Marathon

Royal Parks Half: the calm before the storm

In just two hours, I’ll be lining up at the start of the Royal Parks Half-marathon here in London. I’m feeling my usual mix of excitement and anxiety, tinged with some dread as I look outside at the exceedingly grim weather.

I’ve been running this race for years and it’s far and away my favourite half-marathon. It’s also the scene of my personal best at this distance, a very surprising 1:42 several years ago.

This morning, I’m in no shape to beat that record, but am vaguely looking to complete in about 2 hours, injury free. I’m running, as ever, to raise money for Epilepsy Action, so if you’re minded to donate the price of a coffee, you can do so here.


It’s a really lovely route around some of London’s wonderful parks. Unfavourable weather aside, I’m looking forward to the sights and sounds on this race, which is a lot more picturesque than many other races I’ve completed.

I’ll post an update a little later on – exhaustion permitting – but in the interim, keep your fingers crossed for an uneventful and fun race.

See you on the other side!

2 comments on “Royal Parks Half: the calm before the storm

  1. ethnicolor

    Best of luck dude!

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    • Thanks so much for your generous (and accurate!) donation. On a perfectly round number now, which pleases me enormously! The race could not have gone any better. Will post some pics and a summary a little later. After some much needed pizza!

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