Royal Parks Half: the aftermath

Well, after all that anticipation – and training! – this year’s Royal Parks Half-Marathon was over in a flash!

I wasn’t too keen on running in this morning’s forecast weather, but it turned out that the timing was perfect. I only had to survive a bit of drizzle and wind and was well over the finishing line before the real rain arrived.

I had to skip last year’s Royal Parks Half due to ill health, so I was unsure how I’d fare in a half-marathon after all this time. But as soon as I crossed the starting line, it all came back to me. Once I was one kilometre in, I found my pace and just went for it.

I was aiming for a sub-2 hours time, then had a wobble last week, but after a while I realised that (all things going to plan) I could manage this and perhaps a little more.

I love the Royal Parks race, due to the route and surroundings. It’s gorgeous, well-organised and so much fun. That said, I had to navigate the usual pedestrians running through the race course (couldn’t wait two mins for a natural break in the race!) and the slips and slides that come from running through parks in the Autumn.


With a couple of kilometres to go, I was definitely going to come in under two hours and decided to push as fast as I could. Yes, my fastest run on this course was 1:42 and I wasn’t going to hit that, but 1:55 started to look possible. I gave it all I could and threw myself over the finish line to secure 1:54:19.

All in all, I was really pleased with both the time and my run overall. @TheFrankFlyer was an absolute gem. He was the equivalent of a one-man support team. He came with me to the run, carried my gear, cheered me on, shared my progress online for friends and family and promoted my fundraising link.


If you’d like to help out with my fundraising for Epilepsy Action, you can throw a pound/euro/dollar in this general direction. Thank you in advance!

I quickly hopped in the shower as soon as I got home, ordered some pizza and then chilled out on the sofa for the rest of the afternoon. Even managed to squeeze in a nap. I think it was excusable – I’ve been up since 5am!

Looking forward to my next running challenge.

4 comments on “Royal Parks Half: the aftermath

  1. ethnicolor

    Congrats! Even if I __could__ run a half-marathon, I would be basically dead at the end of it; there’s no way I’ll be able to stand and smile, let alone hold out a phone for a selfie!

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