A day of two halves…

I started my working day yesterday with a stroll in the brilliant London sunshine, marvelling at the very welcome change in the weather. In less than 24 hours, we’d gone from torrential downpours to the kind of blue skies that make me (almost) welcome Autumn!

I had a client meeting first thing, which went extremely well (more on this later) and enjoyed my walk back to the office. It was one of those ‘life is great’ mornings, but soon to be quickly forgotten by someone else’s mistakes.

I bought some new furniture for my office – a sofa and armchair – to make it cosier and more welcoming for my clients. More and more of them are meeting me at my office rather than their’s, so I thought I’d spruce the place up a bit.


First disappointment: only the sofa was delivered. I have to wait another three weeks for the armchair. Okay, so not a complete disaster. The delivery itself was a lot later than promised yesterday, but I was available to wait in the office. I even delayed a podcast interview, to avoid the inevitable noise.

Second disappointment: the delivery guys left without giving me the assembly instructions or tools to finish the job. That is, the sofa comes without its legs attached. Oh,  I got the legs alright, but nothing to attach them to the sofa with – no screws, bolts or anything else.

A phone call to (I know, I know…my mistake buying from them!) was more than a little disappointing. They had no idea where the bolts were supposed to be and couldn’t promise me they’d be able to send me replacements.


So I’m left with a stumpy little two person sofa on my office floor, looking like it’s been design for kids, no armchair and four wooden sofa legs lying on the desk next to me.

It. Was. Frustrating.

I of course shared this frustration with Frank! I then spent some time looking at the problem from various perspectives, moving back from ‘disaster territory’ to ‘disappointed territory’ and moved on with my day.

Thankfully, it ended on a much more positive note, or two. News from the client I met in the morning that their company wants to work with me across 2020 and a very positive meeting with my psychiatrist in the evening.

Some crappy furniture problems are nothing in comparison to the improvement I’ve felt in my general mental health! I won’t say I’m a ‘new man’, but the low mood has evaporated over the last couple of months. Anxiety comes and goes, sometimes without any warning or obvious cause, but it’s also getting better.

And you can be sure this was all recorded in my ‘Bullet Journal’ yesterday evening, with several underlined points of genuine gratitude.

(Photo by Marc Wieland on Unsplash)

3 comments on “A day of two halves…

  1. stevemorton

    Should have gone to Ikea….


  2. I’ve bought furniture too. Are you sure the legs don’t just screw in?



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