Avoiding Facebook Ugliness…

I removed Facebook from all my digital devices some months ago and can confidently say it’s done wonders for my mental health.

However, I still have an account and it’s used primarily to manage by business page. I log in, via a browser, about once a week. After checking my page, I have a quick skim of my personal Facebook feed and invariably close the browser sadder than when I started.

It’s just toxic.

I had a look this morning and read two updates that represented the kind of boorish nonsense you’d expect to hear down a particularly rough pub at closing time. Thinly veiled bigotry, followed by (poorly-written and error-ridden) comments that piled on and added the insult.

I honestly think that Facebook changes people and they end up sharing content they wouldn’t say to other people’s faces. I’ve seen updates from people who are, on the face of it, bright and switched on to the realities of this world, but read like the kind of diatribe you’d hear from a comic in a working men’s club in about 1971.

I’m out. Give me Twitter any day. It makes me laugh and has made me friends. Facebook is a scourge that just seems to amplify existing prejudices and give people licence to share views they wouldn’t say to my face.

I’m seriously considering deleting my entire account, business page and all. Why implicitly support such a revolting platform?

(Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash)

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