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A new Apple Watch!

I know, I previously promised I wouldn’t be investing in a new Apple Watch, but I just have to look at my wrist to see one there.


I didn’t actually buy one. @TheFrankFlyer decided to upgrade from his Series 4 watch to an Apple Watch Series 5. I looked on a little forlornly, wondering when it would be time for me to upgrade from my Series 3. Suddenly, after listing his old watch on eBay, Frank suggested he gift it to me instead and just sell my Series 3 instead.

A genius – and generous – idea.

So a couple of days later, once we’d returned from lounging about in Sitges, he set it up for me and now I’m the proud owner of a nearly-new Apple Watch.

And what a difference.

It’s hard to tell unless you’ve used a Series 3 (or older) but the screen is massive by comparison. Which means it’s easier to see everything. Scrolling through apps and alerts is buttery smooth and even the haptic alerts seem more powerful. Dictating to ToDoist actually works, which pretty much blew me away the first time I used it.

As you can tell, I’m pretty pleased with myself. And it didn’t cost me a penny.

Still not tempted to upgrade my iPhone XS Max, though. Now that it’s rocking iOS13.1, it’s almost like a new handset. And iPadOS on my iPad Pro is just fantastic.

I sense a few tech-related blog posts in my near future…

Anyway, the Apple Watch is a device that has left ‘gadget’ status far behind. It’s a device I use so much every day. Whether it’s tracking exercise, keeping an eye on my activity levels, checking the location of appointments, setting subtle meetings timers, checking the weather or controlling audio remotely…or dozens of other things.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but I’d genuinely miss it if I had to give it up and I’m so happy to have a more up to date version. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll inherit his Series 5 when he inevitably upgrades next year!

13 comments on “A new Apple Watch!

  1. LOL! A forlorn expression often offers amazing benefits! 🙂 Naked hugs!


  2. stevemorton

    Yes mine arrived (Series 5) on Wednesday after DHL sent it through three different EU countries on a tour!

    iOS 13.1.1 as of tonight as well….

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    • Congrats! Hope you enjoy it.

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      • stevemorton

        Yes still finding my way around it with the help of my son! But most things are just magic.

        I love the unlocking of my Mac when I’ve got my Apple watch on. Magic!!

        So many choices of Watch Faces though, I’m not used to that and I’m still experimenting to find the best one and the best options for me! This will be work in progress for a few weeks I think!

        It’s my first Apple Watch too.. using it with my iPhone XR which works great.

        Likewise I’m liking iPad OS on my iPad Pro, I hooked up a Magic Mouse to it the other day just to try it out! And I have it reading external files too

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        • Super! I’ve yet to use a mouse with the iPad, but you’ve reminded me to give it a try this weekend. It’s been my main computer all week – I opened my laptop for the first time this evening!

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          • stevemorton

            I’m slowly heading in that direction these days when travelling. A recent change is we can now tether devices on our iPhone mobile accounts, so having upgraded our data accounts I now use the iPad via the iPhone when away from the house and not having to worry about logging in to different WiFi services, just use the hot spot on the phone and with 4G it works brilliantly.

            For €7.95 a month we used to get 1GB of data plus an allowance for calls and text messages which were rarely used. Then I spotted our provider (one of the French supermarkets) had changed their €9.95 a month tariff to 40 GB a month… ‘Take my money’ !! We both changed over straight away!! And out of that 40GB I can use up to 4GB EU roaming without any increased cost…

            The iPad is now a really useful tool, I suspect I might not replace my Macbook Pro when it eventually stops working. For most things I do away from my desk the iPad is sufficient.

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  3. Ah, nothing like new toys!

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