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Quiet moments in the sun

Yesterday morning, I had arranged a meeting with a psychologist colleague to do some planning for a new postgrad coaching course we’re running this academic year.

As always, I arrived at the cafe early and, delighted by the brilliant blue skies and early morning sunshine, ordered my coffee and grabbed a table outside in the sun. I only had about fifteen minutes to wait, but instead of reaching for my phone or popping my earphones back in to continue listening to a podcast, I just sat back, closed my eyes and turned my face up to the sun.

I got lost in my thoughts for a few minutes and just enjoyed the feeling of warmth on my skin. It reminded me of travels earlier this year and time spent on the beach. I felt myself relax and really sink into the moment.

After a little while, I remembered I had an untouched coffee waiting for me on the able and I opened my eyes. That little ad hoc meditation brought a smile to my face as I realised that a few minutes of doing absolutely nothing is what I absolutely need from time to time.

I slowly moved back into ‘activity mode’, snapped a pic of my coffee and then opened my bullet journal to note down a few things that had popped into my mind while I relaxed. I looked back on the last week’s entries and realised I’ve been very consistent with both my self-care routine (reading, meditation, running) that it was no wonder I was feeling relatively peaceful.

I’ve actually recorded an entire episode of my ‘professional’ podcast all about the choice of ‘analogue versus digital’ in the workplace and prepped a long post reviewing ‘The Bullet Journal Method‘ book itself. I’ll share them here when they’re ready (if anyone’s interested in learning about that side of my life!).

I don’t think I’m going overboard when I say that mindfully using a simple notebook and pen has really contributed to the improvement in my mental health. It’s not magic – it’s helped me define real priorities, focus on one day at a time, consider my habits and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Not bad for a few simply bound sheets of paper.

1 comment on “Quiet moments in the sun

  1. Well done you, seems like you’re taking things in the right direction, one step at a time. Definitely interested in your Bullet Journal review!

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