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Some easy Apple decisions

Another Apple keynote, another flurry of new products. The pre-event excitement which is slowly replaced by disappointment with the technology in your hand, accompanied by the grim realisation that you suddenly need to spend several thousand pounds.

Except…not me. I enjoyed the keynote and was entertained-slash-impressed by the presenters and their enthusiasm. Yet all the way through, I was quietly confident that nothing they could reveal would lead to me parting with my money.

And here I am. Not a single thing ordered, nor even desired. Not really, anyway. ‘Rational me’ seems to be in the driving seat these days and I’m in no way attracted to the idea of a new phone or tablet. I’ll confess to a mild interest in a new Apple Watch, but it’s passing by the minute. I quite like the watch I have.

I have an insanely excellent iPhone XS Max (terrible name, wonderful screen and camera) and a superb iPad Pro. There is absolutely no need to upgrade either. I mean, even the boxes they came in are still pristine and in a cupboard in my study.

I’ve just realised that this enthusiasm for Apple products is probably the last thing that Apple’s marketing people want to hear. I mean, they just want more sweaty and panicked sales, right?

Yes, I’m really looking forward to updating my devices with iOS13/iPadOS, but that’s not about acquiring things, more about making my existing things work better. Especially Reminders.

Products aside, I was impressed by Apple Arcade. At only £4.99 a month for unlimited gaming for the whole family, it seemed like a real bargain. I’m definitely going to sign up for the free month when it launches, just to see what quality the games are. I’ve already (sort of) decided to sell my Nintendo Switch due to a depressing lack of use. Apple Arcade could be an excellent replacement.


So maybe Apple managed to get its claws into me once again after all.

(Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash)

7 comments on “Some easy Apple decisions

  1. We seem to be swapping positions; ordinarily I upgrade my phone occasionally, and likewise I love my XS-Max, but I want those cameras, and dammit I’ve decided I’m going to spend the money – the silicon case is already on its way… a 256GB 11 Pro will be following it soon enough. *And* I’ve ordered a Watch… I’m currently rocking a Series 3, but the Watch has become an integral part of my computing setup, I use it all day every day, possibly even more than the phone. 12” iPad Pro has become my de facto computer… my iMac is feeling very left out these days, and when iPadOS comes along next week it’ll really be neglected. I think I’ll always have a desktop, but the iPad is currently the centre of my digital life.

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    • I look forward to hearing all about the new phone and watch! I have to ask: what’s the draw of the new watch?

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      • Mostly I’m interested in the cardiograph that appeared in the previous version mostly, faster processor and the larger screen. The directional compass will be a plus too.

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  2. Do you have any advice for someone looking to upgrade from an old iPhone 5S?
    I would keep it, but the issue I’m having is the battery. It keeps randomly turning off and I’m afraid it’s going to die soon.
    My criteria is (1) I want it to be as cheap as possible, (2) second hand is perfectly okay with me, (3) I don’t need fancy features, (4) I want the screen to be bigger than my 5S.
    Any recommendations?😏


    • Yikes! Sounds like you need an upgrade alright. I’ve no idea what your budget is but check out the iPhone 8. A bigger screen, better battery, faster processor and still sold by Apple. Lots of these sold second hand as it’s a few years old now. Let me know how you get on!

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