New specs, who dis?

So I finally picked up my new glasses and…I’m very pleased. I picked up the frames on a whim last Bank Holiday Monday, and after slipping the on my face I was hooked.

So light, so comfy. I initially went into the store just to see if I could get a replacement set for my very worn-out, albeit comfy, glasses. I was not going to buy anything, just do some research. Twenty minutes later and I’ve left with an appointment to come back for an eye test the following day.

Twenty four hours later, I’ve handed over twice what I’d planned, as I opted for the recommended varifocals and Transitions lenses. This means that a) my eyes are quite literally betraying my ageing body and b) I may well be that guy you see wearing shades indoors.

The varifocals were necessary as I’d noticed I was taking off my glasses to focus on my iPhone. That was getting very annoying and not a little camp. Several people suggested (mockingly) that I just put my glasses on a delicate chain around my neck. These people now have a clear view of my opinion on the matter.

These new lenses are amazing. Perfect vision straight ahead into the distance and perfect sight when I glance down to my phone, book or tablet.

I’m wishing I’d done this a couple of years ago, to be honest.

The Transitions lenses are purely for convenience. They’re the ones that turn into shades based on the UV light in the environment. With my glasses, I either use clip-on shades (which make me look like a time travelling steampunk inventor) or I wear my contact lenses and normal shades.

The latter are a must-have when running, gymming or lying around naked on the beach. I’ll continue to wear my lenses in these scenarios, but the Transitions (I feel I should be typing a small ‘TM’ sign after that brand for some reason) lenses will save me the hassle of switching glasses or clipping anything on to the frames  when I’m at work or out and about.

I’ve held on to another set of glasses whose prescription is fine for now. They still work with clip ons and I think they’re quite funky. Both are black, and square, to compensate for the…roundness…of my face.

I’ll admit to admiring my reflection in the optician’s before I left. I genuinely liked what I saw and I think I’ve finally found a pair of glasses that actually fit this head and nose combination perfectly. Hence the mid-escalator selfie that accompanies this post.

Today was a good day on the self-confidence front.


5 comments on “New specs, who dis?

  1. ethnicolor

    Welcome to the crystal-clear world of varifocals, where you never need to pull your glasses down to your upper lip in order to look at something closeup! Oh, and your Shady Pines Retirement Home brochure is on its way… 😉

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  2. ‘Who that is?’ I hear this daily…

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