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Analogue musings

I’ve neglected this blog somewhat recently, but this doesn’t mean I’ve not been writing. In fact, I’ve committed more words to paper in these last two weeks than I can remember for quite a while.

I’ve found that writing about my experience of depression and anxiety is really helping me reflect on it and reduce the impact of my poor mental health. So, I unearthed my old Traveler’s Notebook and have been keeping a daily record of how I feel, what I think and how things are improving.

It’s been a great experience.

For one thing, I can’t write as fast as I can type – this means I have to slow down my thinking when I’m using pen and paper. The mere act of writing on paper seems to relax my mind and has become something of an evening habit.

I’ve had a habit of keeping a log of my gratitude – things in my life I’m happy to have experienced – on a daily basis for quite some time. These entries have traditionally been recorded electronically using DayOne on either my iPhone or whatever computer I’m using.

I’m now writing these longhand, taking a picture afterwards and saving for future reference. I still want to have a backed-up record of these fleeting thoughts and musings, and saving them takes just moments. Slowing down to write them is where the magic happens.

I’m in Osaka, Japan right now, taking a holiday. I’ve been very careful with regards to self-care and am feeling a lot better than even just a few weeks ago. Writing is helping, yes. But so is decent amounts of sleep, physical exercise and a conscious effort to slow things down.

I’m glad I didn’t dispose of my Traveler’s Notebook during the last big clear out. It’s proving to be a really useful ally in my journey towards improved wellbeing. A fairly big impact for such a simple leather journal.

(Photo by Krisztina Papp on Unsplash)

4 comments on “Analogue musings

  1. ethnicolor

    Attaboy! Next thing you know the Filofaxes will be making a return!👍🏻

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    • Oh god no! Think of the trouble I’d be in at home for replacing them all! But seriously, I’m loving the notebook thing all over again and I’m lucky to have about a year’s supply of Midori inserts in my study. Lots of reflective writing ahead, I think.

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