London Pride incoming in 3….2….1

Waking at 6am this morning, my annoyance quickly turned to excitement as I remembered today is London Pride. It’s set to be a corker!

The sun is out, although it’s not going to be as unbelievably hot as it was last year. I have my outfit chosen (almost the same as last year) and we’re once again going to march in the parade, with @TheFrankFlyer’s colleagues from Centrica.

If you’re there today, keep an eye out for a hobbit in white dungaree shorts! I’ll be handing out gifts to the crowd.

I’m really looking forward to catching up with a couple of our friends who are also marching. I met them for the first time last Pride and we really hit it off. Maybe it was their backpacks full of cans of G&T, maybe it was their bubbly excitement. But I now count Ines and Helen among my friends and I just know we’re going to spend most of today laughing.


I treated myself with an early finish to the work week, and headed out into the sun at 3pm yesterday. Taking myself down to 28 West, I snagged a seat in the sunshine and met a friend, while we waiting for @TheFrankFlyer to get there once he finished work.


We just had to take advantage of their two-for-one happy hour and enjoyed some Porn Star Martinis before coming home for some pizza.


We still managed to have a reasonably early night and I slept fairly well, despite yesterday evening’s heat. (And the two for one cocktails). Now it’s time to refuel with coffee, prepare some breakfast to line my stomach, slap on some sunscreen and prepare my body for a day of walking and dancing!

Happy Pride!

3 comments on “London Pride incoming in 3….2….1

  1. Have a great time! Can’t think of a better city to celebrate Pride in. Try and knock a bit of sense into the politicians will you??


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