I’ve already acknowledged that I’m going to miss the various UK-based World Naked Bike Ride events this year, but I didn’t realise how jealous I’d be of participants once I saw all the updates on social media.

I follow the WNBR tag on Instagram and ever since the events kicked off around the world earlier this year, I’ve seen so many happy, smiling cyclists merrily making their way through their city, naked as the day they were born.

Waving, cheering, protesting, laughing.

And here I am, sitting in an office, fully clothed and looking out the window at the sunshine. I’m wishing I was either sunbathing or cycling, but work calls. After all, it pays for the various trips to warmer climes.

I’ve just been outside to grab a coffee and, while there were no naked cyclists flying along Fleet Street, there were plenty of people in shorts and t-shirts. This is the weather for wearing less (if you can’t wear nothing at all) but as I’m in a client’s offices today, it’s work clothing unfortunately.

I’ve not managed to introduce a naturist vibe to my client interactions just yet 😂

If this weather keeps up though, I’ll be wearing shorts to my office later in the week. I’d rather be cool and casual on my commute than hot and stuffy – in all senses of the word.

I’m hoping to do a WNBR somewhere next year – I just need to do a bit of planning and find one that doesn’t clash with a holiday.

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    They should do this in Tokyo.


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