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Moar Avengerrrs!

I went to see the re-release of Avengers: Endgame last night. The one with additional footage. But if I’m honest, I didn’t spot a single additional minute of film.

I don’t mind, though. At three hours long, I just wanted to see it again on the big screen and take in its epic scope one more time.

I actually enjoyed it more than I did the first time, as I could relax and pay attention to various details in the backgrounds of scenes. I ended up noticing a whole lot more, which made me appreciate the lengths and creators had gone to, in order to make this a fitting finale to the Avengers first story arc.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be advised: you need to have seen at least the last Avengers chapter (‘Infinity War’) if you’re going to make sense of any of it. Ideally, you’ll have seen all the Avengers films, plus (in my opinion) Doctor Strange and Thor: Ragnarok. Captain Marvel would be a good idea too.

You see, there are so many story threads brought to a conclusion in this single film that it can be overwhelming. Any film that has silent cameos from both Angela Basset and Michelle Pfeiffer already has a massive cast. Just keeping track of who’s who can be exhausting.

In part, my enjoyment of this incredible story was how it seamlessly wove in episodes from virtually all the previous Marvel movies. Whether in entire scenes or simple references. So very satisfying for the Marvel geeks, but I’m sure quite confusing for the typical film goer.

Anyway, there’s no need to see this if you’d like to enjoy heaps of additional footage. But it’s definitely an excuse to go enjoy this banger of a superhero flick on a massive screen one last time before you can buy it and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Which I’ll be doing just as soon as it’s available. I loved it 3000…

5 comments on “Moar Avengerrrs!

  1. What?? I had no idea the re-release had extra footage! 😮


  2. So sad, Stan:(

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