My first Dublin Pride

Saturday saw me attend my first ever Dublin Pride. I know. This Dubliner had never been to a single Irish Pride parade before then.

But of course, I left Dublin twenty years ago, when attitudes to gay people were extremely different. And in the time since, my schedule meant it was impossible to attend every time I tried. I’ve made up for it by attending Pride festivals elsewhere and being that little bit extra fabulous, but all the same, it was excellent to be in Dublin at the right time this year.


The day started with a review of the parade from a vantage point on O’Connell Street. The place was jammed and the atmosphere was electric. I watched nearly the whole thing before we moved to Merrion Square to take in some of the Pride Festival, listen to speakers and hear some live music.

After that, we wandered further in search of some drinks. We stopped briefly for beer and spicy chicken wings (it seemed like a good idea at the time) and then headed into the crowds in Temple Bar. Unfortunately, I hadn’t really planned for attending until almost the last minute. I was in town to attend a conference and was actually missing one of the days to go and ‘do’ Pride. So I didn’t get any advance tickets for events, queue jump tickets or anything else that would help us get into venues.

As things panned out, we ended up having a fabulous time, just not in any of the venues we’d planned to visit! And as I had to run a conference workshop at 9am the following morning, I was safely tucked up in my hotel bed by midnight, after almost twelve hours of Pride fabulousness.

This Saturday is London Pride, when I’ll end up doing the whole thing over again!

2 comments on “My first Dublin Pride

  1. ethnicolor

    I happened to be in town myself to see two films in the IFI (didn’t know Pride was on until the night before; #GayFail) and I was amazed at not just the size of the crowd, but at the huge range of people there. People from aged 2 to 102, families, couples of all orientations – the whole gamut. Pride is now a mainstream event, like Paddy’s day, and it’s great to be able to say that.


    • Agreed on all fronts. It was a real celebration ad a super diverse one at that. I hope London Pride lives up to the friendliness I saw and felt in Dublin.

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