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Hello insomnia, my old friend

Two nights on the trot with barely any sleep. My insomnia has returned with a vengeance and I’m feeling somewhat fragile this morning.

It’s a funny (as in strange) and unpredictable thing. I lie down and begin to doze off, exhausted from my day’s exertions. And then, as if by magic, my brain starts firing on all cylinders, preventing me from nodding off.

I lie there for hours, in between getting up and wandering the apartment, all the time wondering why the insomnia has chosen now to make a guest appearance.

I’m sort of lucky, in that this is my last day of work until next Wednesday. @TheFrankFlyer and I are off to Sitges tomorrow morning, to celebrate Pride, after which I’m staying in Barcelona for some work.

That said, I’ve a lot to do today, including the packing for my trip this evening. I’m going to hang on by my finger nails and stay close to my coffee machine. Hopefully nobody will notice, unless I unleash a spectacular yawn in front of one of my clients.

Then, if we get a repeat performance this evening, I can always sleep on the plane tomorrow morning. It could be a lot worse, I’ll admit.

It still doesn’t make it fun. And now, it’s time for another coffee…

(Photo by Jacco Rienks on Unsplash)

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