A little short of target, but…

Surprising myself, I actually managed to get out for a run this morning.

My planned 10k for yesterday morning was utterly obliterated by my end-of-the-world hangover. It’s probably just as well I spent the day lying on the couch and not attempting anything too strenuous.

Probably the most athletic thing I did yesterday was get dressed, which was required when one of our friends came over for pizza and a film. I stayed awake while we ate and watched ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard‘ but then I ended up sloping off to bed first, barely able to speak, collapsing into a heap and sleeping for ten hours.

Seeing the sunshine over London this morning was all the encouragement I needed. That plus catching site of my naked form in the mirror when I went to the bathroom. Quite the motivator!

(There’s nothing like a reminder of what your body actually looks like without optimal lighting and a very flattering angle to get you thinking healthy thoughts. I’m not ashamed of my shape, but sometimes I’ll have to admit that my mental image and reality have been on divergent paths for some time. On the other hand, I’m not Jabba the Hut and a slimmer profile is within my reach.)

I just need to keep reminding myself that all I need is an hour in the morning to get one of these useful runs in, which means I can enjoy the remainder of the day knowing I’ve done something healthy.

After two coffees in quick succession, I was sufficiently motivated to hit the streets. I had planned to run 10k, but in the end turned back at the 4km mark, managing only 8km in total. It was enjoyable but hard work – due to the heat, mostly.

It was nice to run in the sun, especially as the streets were so quiet. Now I’ve had a shower and time to plan my day, I need to get some small work tasks done (even though it’s a Bank Holiday…boo!) but also get outside for a bit.

Even with this morning’s run, spending all day indoors yesterday means I’m keen to get fresh air and a little time in the sun today. Time to get dressed and get outside.

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