Hit by the beer truck

After yesterday’s healthy start to the weekend, my Saturday got a lot less healthy. Very quickly.

After running some errands in Canary Wharf, then a lunch at home, we headed back out into the very welcome sunshine. We had plans to meet a friend at a local bar and, after changing tables twice, I got us a seat in the sunshine.

We actually kicked off with a bottle of Prosecco, which is just too easy to drink in the heat. Our attentive waitress kept it flowing but at some point, we moved to beers.

Too many beers.

Fast forward to 5am this morning and I wake up with an unbelievable hangover. I snoozed a bit while (somehow!!) @TheFrankFlyer went to the gym.

I fell asleep and only woke up when he returned, along with a shopping bag full of brunch ingredients. The little star made me a cracking brunch. I then retired to the couch and have been lying in the recovery position since.

All my own fault, I’ll admit. But that doesn’t really make me feel a lot better. I’m watching the very easy to watch (my brain hurts) Agents of SHIELD. And though I showered this morning, I’ve yet to get dressed. I’m not leaving the apartment so there didn’t seem much point in adding to the laundry 😜

Thankfully it’s a bank holiday tomorrow, so I can shrug off the remaining unhealthiness with a nice run. Today’s planned 10k was abandoned as soon as I opened my eyes.

Tonight? Geeking out on European Election results on the TV.

And definitely no beers.

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