Easing into the weekend

This morning marks the start of a three-day weekend here in the UK – or England and Wales, to be specific. Scotland sets its own holidays, as I was reminded of yesterday while scheduling an event with a client.

And while I had a great intentions of catching up on my sleep overnight, my hay fever has meant that was slightly difficult. Yes, it’s that time of year for me. Plus the bright morning sunshine woke me at 5:50am this morning.

So, I’m heading into the weekend with what feels like a bit of jet lag.

The best part is that there are no major plans for the weekend. Scratch that – the best part is that the weather forecast is excellent for today. So we’re going to meet up with a friend for some outdoor beers by the river a little later this afternoon. Everything in moderation, I’m sure.

(Though the last time I saw this particular friend was to enjoy the Eurovision on TV and there was no moderation whatsoever. My recycling run was embarrassing as a result. I’ve never disposed of so many beer cans in one go…)

And while I’ve various errands to run, there’s nothing too onerous. No work, that’s for sure. A trip to the bank, some tidying up in the apartment and a trip to the shops. And then, a few hours sitting in the sun and chatting with friends. (No buns out, however. That’s not something that would go down well with my neighbours. But it would be nice to have a solid tan in time for next month’s trip to Sitges for Pride…)

Sunshine and relaxation – and isn’t that what Bank Holiday weekends are all about?

So far this morning, I’ve spent my time catching up on news (actively looking for good news and the exit polls from the European Elections in Ireland have been all I could find!) and drinking coffee, easing myself into some form of wakefulness and preparing to go for a run. I’m definitely not the kind of runner who can leap out of bed, thrown on their running hear and head out onto the streets.

I need at least two coffees and some time to shrug off my sleep inertia, so I don’t trip myself up. I’m clumsy and stupid for the first hour after waking up. So much so that I’m a danger to myself! So my routine involves coffee, drinking a pint of water, taking my various meds and vitamins, deciding on what to listen to during the run, and only then heading outside.

Yes, it can take a little while, but the prep is worth it!

And no food. I can’t run once I’ve eaten, no matter how much time I leave for digestion. It really slows me down. The runs are fuelled by caffeine and I have enough data now to show it improves my performance – and enjoyment!

I only managed one run so far this week, and that was just a quick 6km out to Shadwell Basin and back. I’d like to go longer today, but I’m not sure if I just work up to the longer distances a bit more slowly. I’m going to see how I feel once I’m 3 or 4km in and take it from there.

It’s almost two hours since I woke up. So, time to get moving!

(Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash)

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