Well that was a week!

This time last week, I was planning how I was going to get lots done before leaving on more business travel. The good news is I’m still alive. On the other hand, it was one hell of a week!

Firstly, the trip to the local micro-breweries was fantastic. I’m very glad I had a large lunch before joining in, as there was a significant volume of beer to sample.

After all the tap rooms, we needed up in a proper bar and I think that’s when it started to go downhill. Maximum beer limits were hit, but there was also a dog to pet. So I stayed longer than I should have.

On the plus side, I walked all the way home from Tower Bridge, so I’m sure that cancelled out most of the beer.

Don’t challenge my maths, please.

That was all such a good idea before having to get up at 5am the next morning to fly to Barcelona for work. I can honestly say it was a challenging journey. Firstly, the trains were (technical term coming up) fucked to Gatwick. Secondly, I had to fly with Vueling, which meant a very cramped and uncomfortable flight. Too cramped to sleep.

After checking in to my Barcelona hotel, I was tempted to go to bed, but the sun was out and the weather was glorious. So instead, I got into shorts and went for a 10km walk around the city and took in some sights.

I had planned to walk all the way to Barcelona’s naturist beach and enjoy some time sun-bathing au naturel. But the thought of the distance required and the wind coming in off the sea meant I didn’t make it that far. It was lovely in the sunshine, but a lot cooler by the sea. Maybe not yet time for stripping off and bronzing.

I had a meal in my room and an early night, as the following day was a big one work-wise. I managed to get through it unscathed and then enjoyed another walk in the sun afterwards. After all that sunshine, I was pretty tired but still had the energy to eat in the hotel restaurant – which had recently been renovated.

And that is when I encountered it: the largest Turkey Milanese on the planet. I’m not sure this photo will do it justice, but let me just add that the plate itself was mammoth. And the escalope was hanging off the sides.

Needless to say I finished the lot.

The next morning I headed straight to the hotel gym (unconnected with the previous night’s dinner) and then finished packing before heading to the airport. And then on to Dublin.

I had a public talk to give, a day of client work and then a psychology-themed meetup the following evening. It was kind of packed. I survived (and enjoyed) the events and had a more leisurely Thursday until I got stuck in traffic on the way to Dublin Airport for my flight home.

I got to the airport just 50mins before my flight. And I still had to check in a bag. Thankfully, the check-in staff at the counter were incredibly efficient and I got through the fast-track security lane in record time. In fact, thanks to my sprint through the terminal, I ended up second in the queue at the gate.

For the flight which was then delayed on the tarmac by thirty minutes.

I actually snoozed a little while we sat there and slept through take-off. It was all definitely catching up with me.

Friday involved some more running around for work, but a cancelled client meeting gave me the breather I needed to catch up on some much-needed admin. Then into Soho for beers and a catch-up with friends, followed by dinner back in Canary Wharf with @TheFrankFlyer and his mate.

I would have had an amazing and restful sleep last night, except that @TheFrankFlyer got up at 2am. I thought it was already 5am, when he gets up for the gym, and so started to wake myself up. Back into a fitful sleep until 6am and now I’m here, drinking coffee and plotting.

I have a dentist appointment, to check in on my teeth alignment and straightening. Uncomfortable, but not usually painful. Then I need to do some grocery shopping and then, I think, a nap. It’s Eurovision Final day, so I want to get in some healthy snacks and beers for that, as I have a friend coming over to watch it with me.

This week has flown by – probably due to the travel and hectic schedule. I’m determined to slow down this weekend and enjoy taking it easy. @TheFrankFlyer is now in San Francisco until Friday, so I’ll have lots of opportunity to enjoy my own company.

As for my reset, I was reasonably good this past week. I ate healthily in Dublin (my suitcase was packed with Huel) and I made it to the gym twice in Barcelona. I’ve been walking tons each day and feel better for it. I’m due a weigh-in today, but I don’t think I’ll see anything significant on the scales just yet. I’m just happy I’ve been able to make some changes and get back into good habits again.

Let’s see how it pans out…

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