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A reset required

After a couple of months of minimal exercise, combined with over-consumption, my body has decided to make its displeasure known to me. Mostly by expanding around my waistline.

So I’ve taken the matter (and the belly) into my own hands, so I can shed the kilos my laziness and gluttony have created. It’s not rocket science: fewer calories and more exercise.

And fewer beers by the pool…

So, I’m back doing my daily 6km walk to the office and a nightly visit to our building’s gym for a session on the cross-trainer. In addition, I spend some time on the rowing machine and some resistance exercises.

As of today, I’ve managed three days in a row. And how do I keep going on the cross trainer for up to 50mins at a time? It’s kind of boring, after all. While I listen to various podcasts while walking to and from the office, the cross trainer demands something more engrossing.

Especially as the machine is placed opposite a mirrored wall. I need something other than my own sweaty face to look at!

Cue Netflix. You know when you realise you’ve missed out on a TV phenomenon and everyone else is banging on about it? For instance, I’ve never seen a single episode of either ‘The Sopranos’ or ‘Breaking Bad’.

I know, right?

Well recently, the final season of ‘Line of Duty’ ended on BBC 1 and I think I really missed out on something entertaining. So I’ve gone right back to season one, episode one and now I’m all about internal affairs and ‘bent coppers’. It helps me not focus on the effort and the sweat!

My eight after landing from Spain meant I have 8 kilos to lose to get back to a healthy weight. Since Tuesday, I’ve lost a single solitary kilo. But fat doesn’t shit in a matter of days. So now it’s time to keep this going, keep eating healthily (thank the maker for bottles of ready-made Huel for lunch in the office) and moving whenever I can.

And this is where the combination of Apple Watch and My Fitness Pal is excellent. Food gets logged in the latter and the former keeps me moving throughout the day. I can get a more-or-less accurate view of calories and nutrients consumed, as well as just how tough it is to walk off a single can of beer.

Makes me think twice before reaching for an IPA, I can tell you…

I’m not living like a puritan, though. I’m taking tomorrow off to join a meetup group doing a tour of the Bermondsey Beer Mile. So yes, beers will be tasted. But I’ll go to the gym before beer erodes my self-control and then return to form on Sunday.

Wish me luck!

(Photo by Cris Saur on Unsplash)

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