All in with Apple Notes

Since my last review of how I use Evernote (and Apple Notes, and Bear), I’ve had a bit of a revelation: I don’t use 80% of Evernote’s functionality.

There’s so much it can do and yet…the vast majority of my notes are plain text and checklists. No audio notes, very few photos, virtually no PDFs anymore. I don’t link notes to each other. I rarely set alarms for notes reminders.

A quick review of what I want or need a notes app for revealed that I was driving a high end sports car when all I need is…a bike.

So, I exported my Evernote notes (over 5,000 of them) and then imported to Notes. It took a little while for the whole lot to sync, but they’re all sitting in a folder called ‘Imported Notes’ and my main activity in tidying them up has been deleting literally dozens and dozens of them.

Nonsense. Out-dated rubbish. Stuff I barely remember creating.

All the same, I’m slowly working through the import, separating the wheat from the chaff. Anything I find that’s useful goes into one the folders I’ve set up in Apple’s Notes app and honestly, it’s incalculably simpler and easier to deal with.

The remainder is deleted and I’m quite enjoying seeing the notes count decrease.

Compared to Evernote, Apple’s app is zippy fast and much more responsive. I’m loving how quickly changes synch across my devices. And, to be honest, I’m loving having one fewer app on my devices. Or one fewer place to go looking for things.

And, one week in, I’ve yet to find I can’t doing something that I would have used Evernote for. Time to delete it? Well, for now, it’s relegated from the front screen of my iOs devices and from the dock on my macOS computers.

Deletion will follow in due course.

(Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash)

6 comments on “All in with Apple Notes

  1. stevemorton

    I’ve gone back to basics on apps in the last couple of years preferring to use the native Apple ones were possible. So Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Mail on IOS devices, although I do use Thunderbird for mail on my main Mac.

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    • There’s definitely something to be said for native iOS apps! But Reminders just doesn’t do it for me. I need the level of detail ToDoist provides. Calendar on iOS, Fantastical on macOS. I still haven’t found an alternative to Apple Mail on macOS. Will give Thunderbird a look!

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  2. Just because saving everything digital is easy and cheap, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Apart from anything else, it makes finding stuff hard. Getting my old data out of Evernote and into Apple Notes made searching a lot easier because the notes are all indexed by Spotlight.


  3. ethnicolor

    I still put most importance on staying as close to the OS as possible. That said, I’m coming up to 6000 notes in Apple Notes, and once again the spectre of delayed and hanging responses from the app have slowly begun to return again. Hopefully, Apple will sort these bugs out, as for better or worse, I’m sticking with them for now.

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    • I’m loving the simplicity of the app. And, now that I’ve had a good clear out of unwanted notes, it’s super speedy. I’ve decided to keep my business notes in Evernote for now. I actually think a work/personal division is a good way to handle things, so I’ll keep this experiment going for a while longer.


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