Talk about a Game of Thrones

My jubilation at the news of Theresa May’s planned resignation this afternoon was quickly replaced by dread at the ensuing Tory Party leadership contest and the frankly disgusting creatures that will want to replace her.

I tend not to talk about politics on this blog, but I’ve reached the point where I think that writing this down could be good for my mental health.

Politics since the Brexit referendum have revealed another side to many of the UK’s politicians: not just vain, but also inept, with a tendency towards worrying levels of populism, not to mention frequent and outrageous outright lies about trade, treaties, international law and the realities of the European Union.

The xenophobic tone has steadily increased since June 2016 and has been fuelled by policitians on all sides in a race to the bottom for the votes of the right.

It’s frankly disgusting.

I know I’m not alone when I see myself as politically homeless right now. I have no desire to see Labour in power with their current Student Union-level leadership and their inability to weed out the bigots in their ranks. My future votes will go to a party that has behaved honourably through all of this. Right now, that’s looking like the Greens. Which, under the current voting system, means I might as well bin the ballot paper.

With the risk of a no-deal car crash of a Brexit increasing by the day, I’m getting more and more worried about the future. My business has already been impacted by Brexit. My future here in the UK is uncertain – something I couldn’t have dreamt of just a few years ago.

But first: time to brace ourselves for the outrageous promises yet to be made by May’s wannabe replacements, and a rewriting of history by her fellow Tory MPs, telling us all what a great job she’d done.

Now that she’s finally agreed to step down.

When the history of Brexit is finally written, I hope they don’t skim over the enormous role the Conservatives have played in both instigating this crisis and then managing to make it worse at every single turn.

6 comments on “Talk about a Game of Thrones

  1. Can’t possibly Comment with the current state of US affairs. I went from hating all politicians to hating all Americans. I’m sounding more like the Duchess. Suppose since she died, it was mine to take up.

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    • I’m fast approaching exhaustion with all politicians and all political movements. They managed to hold eight votes about Brexit overnight and not get agreement on a single one. We’re now left with the prospect of Theresa May’s vote *not* passing next time and her not resigning. And even if she does, she’ll be replaced by one of the revolting characters she’s surrounded by.

      I’d like the Tories to experience some ‘wilderness years’ following this, but I know that some people find the prospect of voting in Jeremy Corbyn so vile that they’ll continue to vote Tory, no matter what they do.

      The system is broken.


  2. Must be pretty scary…. I think the whole western world has gone mad though…. horrified at every turn by the actions of most politicians. Seems so daft that most people who voted for Brexit didn’t understand what they were voting for. Here in Australia it’s all about the alt-right and white supremacy. Bloody terrifying!

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    • It’s scary alright, and infuriating. I think it’s safe to say the trend for populism (e.g. Trump, Italy, Hungary etc) is just another point on the same scale of white supremacy. That’s why it’s important to point it out for what it is.

      It’s a very, very different world to the optimistic and outward looking UK of 2012 when we hosted the Olympics. Seems like an age ago…

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      • Yes, our Prime Minister apologised to the Indigenous people in 2008 and we have declined to a point that people are being elected on racist platforms 😔 it’s extraordinary that just 70 short years after WWII so many people have forgotten what that looks like.

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