Apple: Thanks, but no thanks

I watched Apple’s live event yesterday and, while interested in how they’re diversifying their services proposition, I felt relief that I won’t be signing up to any of their new services.

It doesn’t look like Apple Card will be available in Europe any time soon – and it also seems to be missing the airline tie-ins the make my Amex card so appealing. The resulting airmails fuel my travel addiction and I’m not sure even 3% off Apple goods could match that.

I already have a magazine service on my iPads and it is more than enough. I mainly use it when on planes, simply to pass the time. It doesn’t appear that the revamped Apple News is anything more than Apple News with magazines – and I don’t use Apple News to begin with.

I thought that Apple Arcade looks interesting, but I don’t play games on my iOS devices – I have a Nintendo Switch for that. And even if I was tempted to play a few minutes of a game on my iPhone from time to time, it’s simply not enough to warrant an entirely separate subscription each month.

The most interesting launch – if you can call it that, in the absence of pricing and a go-live date – was Apple TV Plus. I’d be interested in seeing some of the new shows that Apple are launching, but really…it’s not like there isn’t more than enough to watch on Amazon Prime, Netflix and local terrestrial channels. I’m not short of TV content and, in fact, I can’t keep up.

It felt nice to be a little dispassionate about developments at Apple for a change. I didn’t end up reaching for my wallet to throw my money at them, yet I can see why gamers or news-junkies definitely would. I hope they shake up the financial services market in the US and, by the time they offer their card here in the UK that it’s mature and has something tangible to offer.

So, yeah. After over ninety minutes of services announcements yesterday evening, I can firmly say: thanks, but no thanks,

7 comments on “Apple: Thanks, but no thanks

  1. ethnicolor

    I’m right there with you, except that I’m not even interested in Apple TV+ (and from a punctuation stance hard to end a sentence with a ‘+’)! Netflix is already chock-full of utter bilge, and the presentations at the Steve Jobs Theatre yesterday were so hammy and unconvincing that I wouldn’t even bother looking in to it. It’s good that the Apple TV app is finally breaking out of tvOS, but as I’m not interested in the content, it’s a big fat zero.

    Likewise, their credit card was about the most interesting spot of the presentation, but just as with your good self, I get my Aer Lingus air miles through my current card and I’m not switching.

    Apple News is still not available in Ireland, so a big zero there too. It’s a surprising feeling to come away from an Apple Special Event feeling that it was a total waste of time!


    • And yet…good for the budget!

      Can’t believe Apple News isn’t in Ireland yet. But…I don’t think you’re missing much. Every time I’ve looked at it, I’ve been overwhelmed by tabloid nonsense and bigotry. I’ve deleted the app from my iPhone and now stick to the same, metropolitan elite warmth of The Guardian 😉

      I’ve already decided to upgrade my iPad Mini and @TheFrankFlyer has found a way to save me quite a bit. Even so, that’s my single Apple purchase for this half of the year.

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      • ethnicolor

        I was thinking about the new Mini, as I always liked that form factor. I was convinced Apple had ditched it for good. I read a lot of books on my Pro, so I don’t think it’s warranted. I bought 2 HomePods in London last month (*another* Apple product still not available on so that’s pretty much my gadget budget blown for 2019. I may stretch to some new AirPods.


        • Oh wow – how are the homepods?


          • ethnicolor

            *Loving* HomePods, I have to say. They sound really, really good. As well as music, they’re the sound device for the iPad when we’re watching a movie, and it’s a great experience. Call me crazy, but Siri seems to be improving no end recently (I’m crazy, right?) and I find the Siri experience on HomePods _almost_ delightful. Not quite, but very, very good. I’m hoping they will bring multi-user awareness to Siri in a future update. Physically they were very heavy to lug across the water, but they sit snugly in either corner of the living room (on coasters!) and they fill the room with sound. Our landing is open to the room below and I can just call out to Siri and get a response. Expensive but worth it, IMHO.

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            • That’s the first non-journalist review I’ve seen! I don’t know anybody who bought one (or more). Glad you’re enjoying them.


  2. I’ve never been an Apple fan myself, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. There are far greater benefits for us all for remaining consistent. Naked hugs!

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