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Some additions for my bucket list?

I’ve been maintaining a sort of ongoing ‘bucket list’ of life experiences for a few years now. Things I’d never done, but want to do. I’ve kept the list to remind me when I’m planning travel and to add to it as new ideas occur.

I know my list is very tame compared to some people’s life experiences. But it’s mine. Some people are shocked I’ve managed to get to 43 without going camping – but my family never, ever went camping when I was young. So it just wasn’t something I was exposed to.

As things stand, the list looks like this:

  • Take the sleeper train to Scotland (yep, back in 2015) ✔️
  • Go camping (anywhere!)
  • Write a book – fiction or otherwise
  • Start my own business ✔️
  • Visit Iceland ✔️
  • World naked bike ride in London (find out more here) ✔️
  • Record a podcast – still going strong, on my business one at least ✔️
  • Go hiking somewhere in the UK
  • Spend a long weekend in Paris ✔️
  • Visit the Finnish sauna in London (sadly, this appears to be closed forever)
  • Weekend spa visit to Bath ✔️
  • Visit Venice

Tame, right? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the sleep train to Scotland, Iceland was a blast, and I pretty much laughed for the entire World Naked Bike Ride last summer.

That said, I think it’s time I added some experiences to the list. So while googling for inspiration the other day, I came across this article ‘The Ultimate Nude Bucket List‘. Obviously, I had to take a look! I quickly realised I’ve done quite a lot on this list too:

Naked sunbathing: Done! Many times, mostly in Spain. Getting out and enjoying the sunshine desnudo while in Sitges is one of my favourite summer activities. No need to add this to the list, as I never need reminding. It’s just a shame that there’s nowhere in London I can do this.

Naked camping: I’ve still never been camping! And when I think about camping, I visualise bundling up in layers of clothes to keep warm. So I think naked camping would require some excellent weather to make it bearable. And probably a trip to continental Europe. I’ve never been camping full stop, so this sounds like a major stretch. Suggestions on how to achieve this – preferably from people who’ve actually done it – are most welcome!

Naked yoga: I’ve only been to one yoga class, and it was definitely not naked. I’d be up for trying this, as long as it was legitimately yoga and not a cover for…something else. Maybe I should work on going to a few more fully-clothed classes before progressing to the naked version.

Skinny dipping: Done! And again, many times. Both in swimming pools and the sea. Oh, and Lake Ontario. And the Baltic Sea, after a sauna in Finland. The latter was as cold as you’d expect! Quite a shock to the system, but very welcome after being roasted alive in the sauna. This isn’t going on the list, just because it’s part and parcel of my holidays now.

Naked golf: Sorry, but I’m so not interested in this. I can’t stand golf, and I don’t think even strolling around the course naked could liven this up for me. And now all I can think of is Donald Trump doing this and it’s quite upsetting… Oh my god…

Communal baths: Done! And one of my favourite things to do when in Japan. The onsen/sento culture is very enjoyable. Though I’ve never been to one outside of a major city and I know the smaller, local and rural ones are quite different. I spent a very enjoyable afternoon in an onsen in Shinjuku on my last trip to Tokyo, which I’ve yet to blog about. It’s just incredibly relaxing.

Party naked: Never done. The article mentions festivals like Burning Man, which I think I’d love to try. But I think I’d need to ‘warm up’ with a smaller, less insane festival first. I think this one needs more research, so I can find something closer to home, in Europe.

Naked bike ride: Yes! I completed my first World Naked Bike Ride in London last summer. Sadly, it looks like I won’t be repeating this year, due to a clash in the calendar. Instead, I’ll be partying at Sitges Pride. But I’m definitely up for participating in another city’s naked bike ride, so I’m keeping my eyes open for opportunities.

Naked running: Never done. Yes, I run a lot, but if I ran naked in my neighbourhood, it wouldn’t end well. I need to find an organised naked run. Last year, I almost signed up for the naked run in London Zoo, organised to raise funds for the Tigers. Just like the bike ride, I’ll keep my eyes open for a naked run here in London this summer.

Eating naked: The list refers to various restaurants offering naked dining. I’m not sure I’m that interested in this, as firstly it’s incredibly expensive, and secondly, I eat naked at home regularly so there’s nothing that special about it.

So after all of that, I’m going to add the following to the bucket list:

  • Attending a music festival, probably somewhere in Europe
  • Completing a naked run, probably in London

As ever, I’m open to suggestions – anything else you think should be on the list?

3 comments on “Some additions for my bucket list?

  1. The Ultimate Nude Bucket List looks interesting and something you can accomplish within the year! Naked hugs!


  2. Google ‘Naked and Afraid.’ one of the best ‘reality’ shows as it’s actually dropping off a couple of naked assholes and giving them the option of leaving or stick it out 21 days. Naked. Wherever they put them.

    Liked by 1 person

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