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Take the sunshine while you can

The weather has taken a turn for the better here in London and Spring is definitely in the air. So I’ve taken advantage and walked to the office, to enjoy the sunshine.

Both yesterday and this morning, the sun was out and the skies were an amazing shade of blue. Really – London is stunning in the sunshine. Even some of the fabulously ugly buildings seem to look more attractive when framed by clear blue.

I really enjoyed my power-walk by the Thames this morning and it felt amazing to be warmed by the sun, instead of multiple layers of clothing.

It’s my birthday next week and I always associate it with feeling slightly better about the weather and the amount of sunlight. Some years, it can be more difficult than others, but 2019 has been stand out so far.

Brighter mornings and longer evenings impact my mood and general satisfaction unlike anything else, so I’m very happy to see daylight when I leave my office in the evenings. I feel like I actually have a life after work!

I’m looking forward to getting some running in this weekend, when hopefully the weather will be equally bright and sunny. I’ve signed up for the Royal Parks Half-Marathon again and want to work and my half-marathon performance steadily over the coming months. My weekend mornings are perfect for getting in some longer runs, while weekday mornings are mostly about a speedy 5 or 6km in the local neighbourhood.

Could it be that my Winter-enforced hibernation is coming to an end? Watching Londoners sit in the sun yesterday afternoon was a massive mood-booster. I wanted to join them, but had to cross town to get to an important meeting.

Here’s hoping the sun hangs around for the weekend so I can turn up my face and dream of days spent on the beach.


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