Life without Facebook

I still haven’t installed Facebook on any of my iOS devices and I can honestly say I’m not missing it one bit.

Since my last post on the topic, I realised that not only was it a bit of a time-sink, I found myself getting annoyed and stressed by some of the content I was coming across. Not from my friends, but usually from one of their colleagues or an idiot second-cousin-twice-removed.

I don’t need to read that kind of crap. I wouldn’t voluntarily socialise with that kind of person, so why should I be subjected to whatever bigoted nonsense they vomit onto their keyboard?

I’ll admit I was tempted to share some of my travel adventures when flying to and from Tokyo last month, but talked myself out of it. The people who matter know what I’m up to, I shared some pics on Instagram and Twitter, and I was less bothered about creating a ‘perfect’ album of photos to represent my trip.

All in all, a good idea to avoid it completely.

That said, I’m still not at the stage where I’ve deleted my account completely. I need to see of there are any unintended consequences before I do that. On the face of it, I’m still in Facebook’s clutches, as I use both Whats App and Instagram. For me, it’s less about privacy and more about saving myself time and grief pouring over online nonsense.

Am I missing out on what other people are up to? Absolutely. Though I’m a lot less bothered about this than I thought I might be. Do I really need to feel FOMO about people I haven’t spoken to in years? Can I just as easily make contact with friends using a different channel? Are there more than enough badly-taken photos of family get togethers already?

Honestly? I’d much rather flick through beautiful photos on Tumblr than read a stranger’s warped opinions or the millionth baby photo over on Facebook.

Life without Facebook is a lot easier and more pleasant than I thought it would be.

(Photo by Con Karampelas on Unsplash)

3 comments on “Life without Facebook

  1. Isn’t life without FB great! Now, if only I can get those people to walk forward without their eyes burrowed into their telephone screens! Naked hugs!

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  2. I had been sans FB for years and my foster sister (who literally left MY LIFE after 40+ years because I have been disgusted by Trump for over 30 years and continued when he was running for President) got me to ‘re-enlist’

    This past few weeks, I have bee unfollowed most friends — to save times I’m not joking. I do love to know what they are up to but I wish there were an option to see their actual status updates, not shares. Memes can be fantastic. If you want to share a video or meme, cool but I’d rather only see those that are attached to a personal update.

    This comes from somebody who will share a meme or video without a personal message and that’s fine but idike the OPTION to scroll through actual ‘posts’ versus broad, scatter pattern shares.

    Anyhoo, now I’m down to almost only group posts showing (almost!) and that makes me less interested in them!

    IG is easier to scroll, it seems.

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