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A Tumblr wasteland…?

Since Tumblr instigated their ban on – amongst other things – ‘female presenting nipples’, many people have been predicting its demise.

As I can’t see Tumblr’s own usage stats, I can’t say for sure one way of the other. I just know that from my own Tumblr stream, that their ‘porn ban‘ hasn’t been as successful as they might have hoped.

That is, I still can’t open Tumblr on a crowded DLR train on my morning commute. Make of that what you will.

I’m sure it’s catching lots of what they’d term ‘inappropriate content’ – you know, content that adults are entitled to see if they’d like to go looking for it – but based on what happened to me, I’m sure they’re also blocking lots of random content that has no content whatsoever that would offend a country vicar. I mean, I’d like to think I’m attractive, but is the back of my right calf really pornographic?

The false positives must be off the chart!

I tell you one thing I’ve noticed: a massive increase in what could be termed ‘tasteful erotica’. To you and I, this is pictures of hot guys showing everything but the peen. The kind of thing that used to be sold in shops as posters back in the 1990’s. You know, when people used to put posters on their bedroom walls. And I still had hair.

I use Tumblr as an aggregation tool for my various social media streams. Posts from this blog get sent there, as do Instagram pics and the odd link or song I want to share more widely. I also follow quite a few users who share content I enjoy: architecture blogs, comics blogs, personal stories and runners. And yes, some hot guys who like taking risqué selfies in the sunshine. Some of these I may reblog. But I’m just as likely to reblog a photo of a particularly delicious burger or a shot of a neon-lit street in Tokyo.

This is how I use Tumblr. I’m no porn baron, so the ban hasn’t destroyed my content.

And yet…as I scrolled through my stream this morning while having a coffee on the couch, I saw more than I’d expected several times. Nothing I’m offended by or annoyed by – they’re my subscriptions, after all – but I’m puzzled how things like this are still getting past the Tumblr censorship bots.

That said, there’s a dearth of what would have been naturist blogs. The perfectly innocent, non-pornographic pics of people enjoying themselves desnudo at the beach or by the pool. These seem to have been easy pickings for the bots and I think lots of their owners just shut up shop and left.

Several of the other accounts I follow have since moved to Twitter to share their…ahem, quality content. I’m not interested in following them there. I still want to be able to open Twitter on a crowded DLR train in the morning.

So, I’m not jumping ship to new platforms follow the free naked guys. For one, I don’t need yet another social media account. Secondly, I still like what I see on my Tumblr dashboard. A bizarre mix of super-hero movie news, comics screenshots, hot guys in the gym and close-ups of burritos, burgers and beers.

Who needs personality profiling when you’ve got Tumblr?!

(Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash)

5 comments on “A Tumblr wasteland…?

  1. I think that tumblr. will indeed become what you called a “wasteland” when they eventually delete the dormant accounts. I know that once they announced their new policy, I tried to delete my account but was unable to do so. I complained and was informed that the staff were unable to do so as they were all busy preparing for the change. Whatever. Naked hugs!

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    • I think it’ll end up being acquired (again), then die a slow death. And I’ll have to look for a new home to forward all my social media nonsense. But in the meantime, it’s a great source of Japanese, foodie, techie and…other content 😉


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  3. I have had some pictures on my blog booted by the Tumblr bouncers. But I still see pictures on other Tumblr sites that make mine pale in comparison. Interesting.

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