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Taking it easy…

You’d think that after a week-long holiday in Tokyo, I’d be chilled as hell this week. Not so, I’m afraid.

The journey back took a while (and three flights, through three different countries). Then there was the jet lag to deal with. And of course, I’d managed to arrange a business trip to Warrington (no offence, but ugh) leaving the morning after flying home. So, no. It wasn’t a particularly relaxing week at all.

In fact, including Tokyo, it’s been all go for a few weeks now. Time to shift gears and take a breath.

So this morning, I treated myself to a lie in, went for a nice run by the river (a super fast 5km – which was surprising, given it was my first run in to weeks) and then a long, hot shower. I’ve spent my Saturday afternoon since my shower lounging on the couch. Arranging my photos from Tokyo, catching up on Netflix series, reading comics and enjoying some coffee.

While the weather outside is dreadful, inside our apartment it’s toasty and warm and I’ve no plans whatsoever. And no visitors, either. So there’s been no need to get dressed. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been the most relaxing afternoon I’ve had in a while.

@TheFrankFlyer wandered into our living room a while back and stood looking at me. “So are you having a naturist afternoon, then?”

I smiled and nodded. A mini naturist holiday, at home. If I can’t be at the beach enjoying the sunshine and paddling in the Mediterranean, then I’ll bring the naturist beach to me. On the couch. In London.


This evening? I’m going to do more of the same.

And not a thing more.

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