A new iPad

Anyone who regular reads my blog will know that when I definitively rule out buying a piece of technology, it’s a good indication that I’m definitely going to buy it.

And so, we come to the new iPad Pro.

I’ve been using an original model iPad Pro for work and entertainment ever since it came out, in April 2016. The combination of Apple Pencil and attachable keyboard was a great one for me – enabling productivity on the go without the need to bring a laptop.

The iPad Pro came on all trips and holidays, as its weight was negligible in a backpack, and it gave me peace of mind that I could dip into work if I really needed to. Plus, with Netflix and a bottomless pit of comics, it was all the on-board entertainment I needed for flights of any distance.

And then came the new iPad Pro.

A significantly faster model, with a bigger display, a better Apple Pencil and a more flexible and easier to use attachable keyboard. I saw the announcement and was interested, but it was when I saw it in the flesh that I was smitten. Yet, I was adamant that I didn’t need one.

Then I went to Japan.

Some quick calculations indicated I could save over £300 by buying the iPad while there. Buying tax-free and taking advantage of the consistently lower price of technology in Japan made it a no-brainer.

So, I bit the bullet and bought one. And you know what? I don’t feel a bit guilty.

For a start, this doesn’t go against my ‘Year of Less’, as the ‘one in, one out’ rule will apply. My mum is going to be the recipient of my ‘old’ iPad Pro and accessories. She loves her iPad Mini, but I know a bigger screen and a real keyboard will be helpful.

Secondly, this isn’t a flash in the pan purchase. It’s not an experiment, like my doomed flirtations with Android. This is something that gets daily use, for work and leisure. I’ve already demonstrated the utility of the device on the older model, so this one is just an iterative improvement.

So what’s it like?

Simply put, I love it.

It’s faster, smoother, and more beautiful. The screen is stunning, the speakers are impressive and the new Apple Pencil is a dream. Combining the pencil with GoodNotes is a great way to go paper-free and I’ve already started this at work. With hours of use under my belt already, I’m almost as fast as writing on paper, with none of the later hassle of scanning notes.

I’ll write a post on the benefits of GoodNotes when time allows, but so far I can’t find any downsides to it.

The updated keyboard case is a much better design, protecting the iPad on both sides. Having two viewing angles makes it easier to use on my lap, but also better for watching on-screen content when on a plane or train.

So far, I’m loving every aspect of it and it really does feel like a significant upgrade from the last model. No regrets, no second thoughts.

With rumours of two new iPad models to come next month, I’m wondering if Apple will bring some of this technology (new Apple Pencil and revised keyboard) to the potential iPad mini model too. A magnetically attached pencil seems the way to go, but that would mean the new mini was far from a budget option.

The bottom line is that this iPad upgraded is very pleased with his purchase and is doubly pleased he managed to save so much money while buying abroad!

Any questions?

8 comments on “A new iPad

  1. Enjoy! Have fun! Naked hugs

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  2. ethnicolor

    Welcome to the club! Only question is did you go for the 12.9 or the other one? Mine has now become my de facto computer. Really looking forward to your review of Good Notes, I’ve been testing out it and Notability for the past few weeks, trying to decide on which is the keeper. *Loving* Good Notes’ newly cleaned up UI.
    Hope you’re keeping indoors, I hear London is a bit breezy at the moment; my sister’s LHR-DUB was severely delayed on Friday. It’s a bit more clement here in Meloneras!

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    • I went for the 11” as the larger is just too large for me. I’ve been using the hell out of it since day one and love it. As for good notes, I’d already bought 4 so 5 was a free upgrade. I like the sound of Notability’s recording functionality but I’m not sure when I’d use it.

      Yes, the weather here is pants! Shocking wind and rain. It’s going to be a Netflix weekend. 😊

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  3. It’s just a solid purchase. As a cheap bastard, approximately $500 sounds good.

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  4. I simply love the new iPad Pro! I personally made a review of this greatness and it went absolutely great! Thing is, that apart from the whole model, I agree with you and love the Apple Pencil! Have fun and welcome to the club! My iPad Pro Review: https://techdomes.net/2018/11/09/ipad-pro-2018-review/


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