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No World Naked Bike Ride for me…

After thoroughly enjoying myself cycling through the streets of London naked one afternoon last summer, I was disappointed to discover that I won’t be able to repeat the experience in 2019.

Don’t worry, I’ve not been banned or anything! It’s just that the World Naked Bike Ride London clashes with my trip to Sitges for Pride in June. It’s taking place on June 8th, while I’ll be sunning myself on the beach and partying far too late into the early hours of the morning.

Yes, there’s some overlap in the experiences – public nudity! – but in Sitges it’s on a well-defined naturist beach. The WNBR is all about cycling around the centre of the city naked, something I don’t think most people do outside of this specially-arranged event.

Let’s be honest: you’d need to be pretty brave and/or confident to be a lone naked cyclist in London. And then be prepared to have a few words with the local police, who could take a dim view of your fun and games – even though police guidance these days is to let it pass.

So I’ll have to get my WNBR kicks somewhere else, if possible. Rides take place the world over, so I’ll check if my visits to any major city overlap with a WNBR event. That’s one way to make a business trip more fun. Maybe I could involve some clients – that would certainly cement the relationship!

Even if I don’t get to participate this year, there’s always next year, as well as my memories from last year!


5 comments on “No World Naked Bike Ride for me…

  1. Pity. Naked hugs!

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  2. Not a naturist but in my own home…did I ever tell you that the grandmother who raised me would say, ‘Get nekkid’ (you have to pronounce it that way) upon arrival at her home…in summer. I did typically choose to either sit around in my bra and pants but that was optional.

    The Midwest gets very hot and she was loathe to turn on the one window AC unit. Solution? Less clothing!

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    • Love it! And yes, the summer heat is what drives it for me, especially when it gets too warm in London.

      At home, it’s ‘clothes off’ as soon as I get in, and often sleeping ‘nekkid’ on the couch – when sharing a bed is just too uncomfortable.

      Working from home is done au naturel also, unless I’ve got video conferencing to do – that’s just not fair on my clients 😉

      But as I’ve said before, I’m a fairweather naturist, happy to bundle up in the winter. The exception is sauna-time!

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