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Still not missing you…

I deleted Facebook from my iPhone and my iPads before Christmas and I haven’t missed it once. Not once.

I’ll admit, I still have a Facebook account. I access it about once a week, to check out photos of my nephews and nieces and administer a business page I have there. But gone are the days of checking it several times a day and, dare I say, over-sharing?

I know I’m not alone in being creeped out by Facebook’s behaviour over the last couple of years. Combined with the realisation that I was spending too much time on a social site that I had come to dislike intensely (I won’t say ‘hate’), it didn’t take a genius to figure out I needed less of it in my life.

And as my iPhone is rarely out of my hand, that was the first place to become Facebook-free. A few days later, I got an alert on my iPad Pro, which annoyed me by its very existence. So Facebook got deleted there too. Having to log in via a browser when I happen to be in front of my laptop or desktop means it’s no longer a tempting prospect.

I’m not naive. I still use WhatsApp and Instagram, so Mark Z and his boys and girls still scrape all the private data they need from those sources, I’m quite sure. But having less Facebook in my life has been undoubtedly a very, very good thing.

And as for Facebook Messenger? If I could set fire to it and throw it from the top of a very high mountain, I would…

4 comments on “Still not missing you…

  1. I deleted my FB account ten years ago. I haven’t missed anything. If nothing else, I am more aware and living now than I was then. Naked hugs!

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  2. ethnicolor

    This is topical. Just last weekend I removed FB, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr and WhatsApp from all my devices. Next was the deletion of all those accounts, excepting Twitter. Why these evictions? Well, I rarely use them, I *definitely* don’t trust any of them, especially FaceBook, and I don’t need any more distractions.

    It was easy to delete FB (I enjoyed doing so) and the others. WhatsApp less so, as it’s become the de facto platform-agnostic messaging app. Sadly, I had several contacts, some of them near and dear to me, who didn’t see anything wrong with copying-and-pasting their FaceTwit feeds to all their WhatsApp chats. I think they thought that if they find endless memes funny, everyone else should too.

    We’ve become too accepting of multiple, endless inboxes, and life’s too short.

    I thought long and hard about giving Twitter the ick too, but in the end I decided to leave my account up for now, and I deleted the app from al devices. I don’t tweet much and I never think to go in to my feed and read it.

    I haven’t thought once about any of these social media apps since I deleted them. I wish I could have kept WhatsApp, but not enough to actually keep it! If someone wants me they can Message, SMS, mail, FaceTime or heaven forbid call me!

    Meanwhile some clever developer out there is going to develop a platform-agnostic messaging app which won’t support copy-and-paste!

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