A profitable de-clutter

I started the New Year with a real effort to de-clutter my life. Interesting, this was nothing to do with the arrival of the creepy and cult-like Marie Kondo method on Netflix.

I read the first chapter of her book when it came out and deleted the sample, safe in the knowledge that I’d never be that neurotic and controlling about things. Thankfully! No, my de-cluttering requirement has been building up for a while and the start of a New Year seemed like as good a time as any to simplify things.

Since January 1st, I’ve managed to get rid of quite a few unwanted things, broken things, no longer needed things and the inevitable clothing that was a bad idea as soon as I bought it. Also, the worryingly large number of things I’d forgotten I’d owned.

@TheFrankFlyer did a sterling job on eBay, selling anything that had even a little value to it. What I don’t need or want, someone else does, apparently. Enough to pay for it too. We’ve managed to get rid of several backpacks, so bits and bobs of technology found in desk drawers, some books and some stationery.

And, wait for it, that little pile has made me a little pile: over £530 and counting. I tell you what ‘sparks joy’: turning your unwanted belongings into cold hard cash. Which will be very useful when I’m in Tokyo this time next week.

Arigatou gozaimasu, Marie-san!

Nothing was thrown out, save some out of date calendar inserts for Filofaxes and really close-to-destroyed clothing. Other clothing went to the Red Cross and the rest was eBayed.

I frankly don’t have the patience for eBay. And I get cranky when people big for far less than the asking price. More than cranky, in fact. Quite aggrieved. I’m definitely not someone who enjoys haggling, so this is why @TheFrankFlyer has been in charge of ‘disposal of the assets’.

Now here’s the thing: I haven’t ‘missed’ a single thing since we started. I was worried that I was making an enormous sacrifice and would come to regret getting rid of certain things. But there hasn’t been a single incidence of me looking for something, only to be told that it was removed in the ‘great clear out of January 2018’.

The bags were the biggest victory. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I now have one suitcase, one-carry on duffel bag and one backpack for both work and fun travel. It’s definitely all I need for my travels, but also removes any decision-making about which bag to us. You’d be amazed how much time that could waste when getting ready to leave the country.

My new backpack is – and this is a technical term – the dogs bollocks. It’s the ‘Classic Backpack Plus‘ from Bellroy. It is far and away the best backpack I’ve ever owned. No matter how much I put in it (and last week, I was carting training workbooks around in it for two workshops), it remains comfortable to wear. The set up of pockets and pouches is inspired and its overall design is nice enough to bring to work and client meetings.

I got mine from Bear & Bear where it was on sale and where Frank had a discount voucher after buying himself a new work bag. The customer service at Bear & Bear was excellent and I’d definitely recommend them. Bellroy stuff isn’t cheap, but you can tell as soon as you touch it that it’s made to last. @TheFrankFlyer bought me a passport case from Bellroy for Christmas and I already owned one of their excellent leather folios for my work notebooks.

Anyway, this is all to say that I’ve unlocked the secret to effective de-cluttering and there’s no need to buy my new book or watch me on Netflix. Simply take a deep breath and put it all on eBay and watch the joy flood in.

To your bank account.

(Photo by Rick Mason on Unsplash)

2 comments on “A profitable de-clutter

  1. That sounds so good! I want to get rid of so much in my house. Must figure out how to use eBay. I’d give it away if people would come and collect.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was very cathartic, aside from the money. eBay is very easy to use, I just hate the haggling. And you can list things for collection only. Perfect for larger objects and furniture. Let me know how you get on!


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