Star Trek’s back!

After a super-busy work week, I realised half-way through my flight back to London that the new Star Trek: Discovery season was available on Netflix.

Oh happy day!

@TheFrankFlyer and I had arranged to go out for dinner, which obviously came first. I was ravenous after a very early lunch and absolutely no snacking (even after an hour in the executive lounge at Dublin Airport, where the cake was plenty!) so we headed out into Canary Wharf and ended up having a delicious ‘diet cheat night’ at The Breakfast Club.

Back home, the TV was turned on in record time, I changed into something very comfortable and sat back as the titles started. First, a quick recap on the first season and then we were off.

No spoilers, obviously.

This first episode of the second season had it all. Further character development, including a lot more back-story on Michael Burnham‘s life with Sarek and Amanda on Vulcan; plenty of action, including an exciting away-mission to a decidedly dangerous asteroid; and some very welcome humour after what was a particularly serious and, at times, grim first season.

I enjoyed pretty much every minute. It’s no spoiler to point out that there’s a new captain on the bridge. Christopher Pike is quite the change from Lorca (though I miss Jason Isaacs) and I’m looking forward to seeing his character develop through interactions with the other characters.

The old favourites are still there and Tilly got quite a bit of the limelight  being her adorable, yet awkward and geeky self. Saru is the same dry, particular and process-obsessed first officer and we even got to see a little more of the remainder of the bridge crew – who didn’t get much to say and/or do in the first season.

Next Friday night, I’ll be all alone in my Amsterdam hotel room, prepping for my long-ass journey to Tokyo (via Helsinki and Seoul!), but it’s nice to know there’ll be another episode of #Disco to keep me going. I might even download the first season to have for the flights, just in case Finnair’s on-board entertainment hasn’t got anything I’m keen to see.

Anyway, a cracking start to the new season of Discovery. For me, this is sci-fi TV at its best.

5 comments on “Star Trek’s back!

  1. Enjoy the season! Naked hugs!

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  3. ethnicolor

    Last week I binge-watched the rest of Season 1 and caught up to Season 2. Glad I did, they are finally starting the process of ‘settling down’, though they are very, very far away from developing their main characters as folks you feel you actually know, as one did with ST:TNG. I think the main problem is they still take themselves *way* too seriously… everything is tension and drama, and unnecessarily so, IMHO.

    PS: Stamets always reminds me of your other half!

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    • First of all, Stamets says hello! 😂

      I agree re character development – I can’t wait to learn more about the rest of the bridge crew. But the development of Saru in the last couple of episodes has been really excellent. Mature and nicely paced.

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