Review: Titans, Season One

I spent yesterday afternoon metaphorically inhaling the first season of the new super-hero TV series ‘Titans’. And I have no regrets.

I’m far from a DC Comics fan, but I’ll basically give any super-hero TV show a chance, regardless of the characters. I’m a big fan of ‘Gotham’ and even watch ‘Arrow’ for the LOLz.  Actually, I think my lack of encyclopaedic knowledge about the DC Comics universe helped me enjoy ‘Titans’ a bit more.

And, let’s be honest: due to the numerous cancellations of Marvel shows over on Netflix, there’s not a lot of Marvel-Centric content available on TV right now. So, DC it is.

As I wasn’t taking the role of ‘comic book guy’ and critiquing every inconsistency with the DC canon, I was able to enjoy the story and remain intrigued by the appearance of new characters. Basically, the show tells the story of how several very different super-heroes meet and come together to address a shared threat.

I’ve spotted a few online complaints about Starfire’s on-screen appearance (tiresome nonsense) but only after I watched the show. I had no preconceived ideas about any of the characters, except for Robin (of Batman and Robin) and even then it was hazy as the character has been interpreted differently on screen before.

All in all, I enjoyed the show and I’m glad there’s been a green light for a second season. But be warned: it’s very different from the existing DC Comics shows on TV at the moment. For a start, the violence is sometimes a little over the top and the language, while realistic, is possibly not what some viewers might expect.

There are lots of flashbacks, some more obvious than others, and quite a few references to characters elsewhere in this shared fictional universe (e.g. Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman etc). This may prove confusing for viewers who haven’t a clue about this particular set of comics characters, but it’s not a major impediment to enjoying the show.

You can tell the budget has been thrown at this show – making Arrow’s recycling of backdrops and storylines so much more obvious – and it’s quickly gone to the top of my preferred super-hero shows. I’m intrigued to see what the next season of ‘Arrow’ brings, but I can guess at this point it’ll feature abs and pecs heavily.

Next on my list is ‘Cloak and Dagger‘, the newest Marvel show which is available over on Amazon Prime. I’m going to download it to enjoy while working in Dublin later this week.

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