Meals on the go: Huel ready-to-drink

I previously mentioned how I’d bought a box of the new Huel ready-to-drink product, to help me out when traveling for business. Well, I brought some to my psych conference last week and can confirm they’re great!

I was a bit dubious about drinking Huel that I hadn’t mixed myself, as I like it a certain way. But this ready made stuff tastes just fine. It’s not too sweet and there’s just a hint of vanilla in the background. It’s definitely slightly thicker than I make it at home, but that’s not too much of an issue.

After finishing a bottle (which provides 400 cals and a whole bunch of vitamins and nutrients) I definitely feel like I’ve eaten something and keep full for quite some time. I had these for breakfast when at the conference hotel (there were no healthy options) and once for lunch, when I just couldn’t face the deep-fried buffet on offer.

In fact, carrying round a bottle (pictured above) and swigging from it as I wandered through the exhibition space prompted a few other conference delegates to stop me and ask about it. The brand name is obviously out there at this point, but they wanted to know what it was like to drink.

For me, the positives are:

  • It’s reasonably cost effective at £2.79 per bottle, if I use each serving as a meal. For lighter meals like breakfast and lunch, this is entirely possible.
  • The bottles are easy to transport. I really didn’t notice having two of them in my backpack as I wandered around the conference and plan to keep one in there on an ongoing basis in case I get stuck between meals.
  • It’s easy to drink and the result leaves me feeling appropriately full. No post-meal dip in energy or feeling bloated like I would after eating soup and a sandwich, for example.

There is, of course, the fact that it’s liquid in a bottle and therefore, I can’t bring it past airport security on longer or international business trips. I’m working in Dublin next week and think I might actually check in my bag so I can bring some with me. Slightly less suspicious than a large parcel of white powder!

And in case you’re wondering, this isn’t about me not eating ‘real food’ as part of some bizarre fad diet. But ensuring I eat regularly throughout the day, avoid snacking and when I do have a light breakfast or lunch, ensuring it’s something healthy.

Of course, I still have a couple of large bags of the powdered Huel here at home. So I’ll be making that up with my usual banana (or espresso!) and bringing it to the office with me. It definitely works out cheaper and is more amenable to ‘culinary creativity’.

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